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SIGINT - Signal Intelligence

SIGINT is a contraction of SIGnal INTelligence, It is one of the major forms of intelligence.Signals intelligence satellites are designed to detect transmissions from broadcast communications systems such as radios, as well as radars and other electronic systems.The Interception of such transmissions can provide information on the type and location of even low power transmitters, such as hand-held radios.However, these satellites are not capable of intercepting communications carried over land lines, such as under-sea fiber optic cables.

GSM and CDMA Cellular Interception Technology

The Secure Telephone is a communications system that meets the need for the protection of vital and sensitive information over a telephone system. Secure Telephone is a compact, self- contained, desktop unit capable of providing the user with both clear as well as secure voice and data transmissions. It's uniqueness lies in the fact that it works as an ordinary telephone simultaneously providing a secure telephone network to the other terminals.

VSAT Interception, Monitoring and Logging Infrastructure

Communications Intelligence (COMINT) involving the covert interception of foreign communications has been practiced by almost every advanced nation since international telecommunications became available. COMINT is a large-scale industrial activity providing consumers with intelligence on diplomatic, economic and scientific developments.

GSM Communication Interceptor

Throughout the evolution of cellular telecommunications, various systems were developed without the benefit of standardized specifications. This presented many problems directly related to compatibility, especially with the development of digital radio technology. In 1982, The GSM group ("Groupe Spécial Mobile" (French) was formed to address these problems.

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