5G LI System

In a digital world, it is imperative to recognize and evaluate the communications to support in investigations. As a result, the Intelligence Departments and the LEAs need quickly analyzed information from different sources.

Stratign supports these requirements with a Monitoring Center Platform for Lawful Interception which functions on any communication network. The beneficial solution – 5G Lawful Interception System can record any type of audio and SMS content across the nation with real-time listening / viewing attributes and has offline analytic tools to generate and compile intelligence-based data.

Law Interception: What does it mean?

Lawful Interception is the legally certified official surveillance of private communications, for example, SMS, Email messages, Phone calls and more. It is a legal requirement which mandates service providers to help authorized LEAs to recognize, analyze and deliver all electronic communication of preprogrammed individuals and groups when requested.

Lawful Interception (LI) is a need consigned upon service providers to provide legally sanctioned authorized access to private communications. With the present Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Lawful Interception is implemented by directing a physical ‘tap’ on the mobile line of the target as a reply to a warrant from LEA.

Stratign’s 5G Lawful Interception System: Monitoring Centre (STN-MC)

The LI system solution from Stratign is a switch-oriented Lawful Interception System which holds the capability of seizing targeted communications from Telecom Switches. This phone interception solution can capture all communications both mobile and fixed line which are passing via the telecom switches.

When it comes to location-tracking, almost all countries have LI or special requirements and have deployed them utilizing global Lawful Interception requirements and standards formed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) or 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), for wireline/Internet, wireless, and cable systems, correspondingly. In the United States of America, the equivalent requirements are expediated by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), with abilities disseminated unitedly by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice.

The Monitoring Centre (STN-MC) from Stratign is a turnkey solution for the supervising, processing, decoding distribution and presentation of intercepted data of targets from circuit switched networks (Such as for mobile and fixed phone calls) as well as for packet switched networks (like internet, electronic mails) and is utilized by law enforcement and/or intelligence Agencies. The STN MC is compliant with the latest ETSI and/or CALEA provisions for the 5G Lawful Interception System and can also assist country-based Lawful Interception handover protocols.

Generic Features of the 5G Lawful Interception System

  • No difficulty in implementation and easy-to-utilize.
  • Accessible in multi-port options for multiple E1.
  • Mountable across technology & product environment.
  • 8TB Buffering Capability (Can be increased depending on the user requirement).
  • Logging of incoming calls with specific requirements, for example time, duration, date, CLI, etc.
  • Registering of outgoing calls with date, duration, the number dialed & time.
  • Date and time of every attempt of making an outgoing call (Does not matter if the call is connected or not).
  • Stereo authentication of caller and called for digital lines via recording.
  • Provision for implementing instant monitoring of voice communications.
  • Facility of search in reports on the basis of caller-id, the call duration, time etc.
  • Solution for all communication networks: Circuit Switched and Packet Switch
  • Scalable disseminated architecture provides Central Monitoring Centers and Remote Monitoring Centers for deployment across the nation.
  • GIS location-tracking system shows real time position of targets.
  • Compliant to Global Standards, for instance ETSI, CALEA and country-oriented standards.
  • Recordings can be explored, basis date and time, TMSI, IMSI and IMEI.
  • Case-based Target Administration.

Overall, Stratign’s Lawful Interception solutions emphasize on authoritatively intercepting private communications to aid legal and/or criminal investigations. The 5G Lawful Interception System offered by us comprises of all available systems such as cellular networks and fixed-line network.

Stratign’s 5G Lawful Interception System and other solutions are conformable to worldwide regulations making it a perfect low-cost solution in comparison to other dealers in the market.

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