Osint Actionable Intelligence

Critical threats to the nation’s security are turning out to be progressively complex.Moreover, within the cyberspace domain, criminals and extremists utilize encryption, different communication means and social media channels to interact, converse, plan, recruit, and spread misinformation with more ease and prudence than ever before.

This produces billions of data points, which can be utilized to track, counteract and battle these activities. Nevertheless, this requires extracting and analyzing massive amounts of unstructured information from national and global communications sources, which cannot be carried out without the aid of cutting-edge technological tools and techniques.

Let Stratign help your team with OSINT-based Actionable Intelligence insights, which they require to maintain safety and stability of the society.

What do we mean by OSINT Gathering & Actionable Intelligence

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) mainly refers to an intelligence-gathering method utilized to collect and evaluate openly available information on the internet for investigative goals. It is the insight attained from processing and analyzing public data sources such as social media, internet sites, podcasts and broadcast television and radio.

After careful scrutinization and analysis, this data is then utilized to produce Actionable Intelligence. Intelligence that can be utilized to support decision-makers in overseeing change. Hence, Actionable Intelligence implicates the data that can be checked upon, with the further reference that a tactical plan should be implemented to make positive use of the data gathered.

Actionable Intelligence via OSINT: Key Benefits for LEA’s and intelligence agencies

  • Conserve time and resources by mechanizing the investigation workflow – from gathering, to analysis and reporting.
  • Fast-track your investigations by prioritizing national security risks and laying focus on what’s imperative.
  • Ability to safely browse anonymously to make sure that online investigations are secure while gathering crucial intelligence insights.

How Stratign can help?

Stratign offers a comprehensive suite of flexible, top-notch intelligence and investigation-oriented tools and techniques that enable LEAs & National Security Agencies to gather and evaluate information from a broad range of open sources, social media, surface, news sites, deep & dark web.

Developed by Security & Intelligence specialists, these solutions arm the bureaus with the required information and Actionable Intelligence insights needed to identify illegal activities, analyze and prioritize risks at scale, expose and map national and international threats, secure domestic assets and impose border control, and detect trends that might be a threat to nation’s security.

The OSINT-based Actionable Intelligence empowers the agencies to quickly and efficiently:

  • Fight Organized Crime
  • Conduct Criminal Investigation
  • Detect Terrorism Groups
  • Combat Weapons, drugs and Human Trafficking
  • Identify Foreign Espionage

Open-Source Intelligence Platform from Stratign

Stratign’s OSINT Platform is a creatively valuable cyber intelligence solution built to meet a wide range of operational requirements for enterprises, cyber analytic experts, banking and govt. bureaus. The system can be utilized for the entire nation’s protection, business intelligence and LEA-oriented operations. The end-to-end social media and OSINT-oriented Actionable Intelligence Gathering platform is the perfect solution to oversee social media, analyze the Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public information into intelligence.

Valuable Features:

a) Scanning: With the ability to scan massive amounts of data, the system can offer the operator a complete picture of the social media accounts and happenings of the target in a matter of few minutes.

b) Query/Search: The system can acquire any kind of input identifier, i.e., be it a cell number or an email address to acquire all the data linked with it. The solution consists of several search possibilities based on, email, keyword, mobile no., sentences, group names etc.

c) Geo-Fencing / Location Based Search: Our technology permits the operator to carry out area search to manage all activities undertaken or the current ones in that geographical region.

d) Result Visualization: Our graphic visualizers provide the control user to view search-oriented results in a graphic-based layout amongst targets and actions carried out.

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