LAAD security, an international exhibition of security equipment and programs was held in Trans America Expo Centre, Brazil and was perfectly executed from the 10th to 12th of April. More than 100 brands and organizations participated in the 3 days show attracting about 8,000 visitors. Supported by the Public Security Council, public security forces and armed forces, the exhibition was a success.

The participation of Stratign at LAAD Security was a great achievement and an excellent chance to truly display our capabilities in defence technologies, intelligence organization and maintaining national security.

Being one of the leading technology establishments in law enforcement government agencies, we made sure to give every interested visitor a full tour of the organization and provided as much information as possible.

Our high-tech products such as Satellite Interception Systems, Communications jammers, ISAT and IRIDIUM interception system was put on display which seemed to bring a lot of attention. Our technical and sales team was also present during the entire exhibition providing answers to all their questions.

The technology behind the Anti-drone jammers, THURAYA & VSAT interception systems were conveyed to the attendees for a much better understanding of our technology assets.

Overall, the exhibition provided us with a favourable outcome and introduced us to many potential customers worldwide.

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