Open Source Business Intelligence

Open-source Business Intelligence solutions hold a pivotal role in the progression of any business. This is because business analysts leverage intelligence software to obtain the crucial aspects of business functions. Business Intelligence analysts conduct in-depth analysis of open-sourced and other information, including surveillance, intelligence networks, and geographic information systems.

Further, these solutions provide quick results by processing raw information into accurate data, aiding business owners in making decisions for a competitive edge.

What is Business Intelligence and its purpose?

The term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, applications, tactics, and practices utilized to gather, evaluate, integrate, and present valid business data. The whole objective of Business Intelligence is to support and enable better business decisions. Business Intelligence tools enable establishments to access data that is key to the success of numerous areas involving finance, marketing, sales and an array of other sections and departments. Successfully leveraging Business Intelligence will empower your business with amplified actionable information, offer great insights into industry drifts, and accelerate a more strategically fueled decision-making model.

Benefits of open source for Business Intelligence!

The future of business intelligence is OSINT. In simple words, OSINT is a superior approach when it comes to building and distributing a software as it offers significant guaranties as to how a software can be developed, tested, operated, cooperated and bundled for use in Business Intelligence gathering.

We believe, this is right time for organizations to adopt open-source Business Intelligence. This is because it provides freedom. Moreover, apart from being secure and future proof, open-source intelligence tools for Business Intelligence are very responsive. It is possible to customize or tailorize the tools and also integrate them with other applications.

Open-Source Intelligence Platform from Stratign

The open-source intelligence solution from Stratign is an innovative cyber intelligence platform constructed to combine a wide range of functional requirements for establishments, cyber analytic experts, banking and govt. bureaus. The system can be largely utilized for the whole country’s protection, business intelligence and LEA operations. The end-to-end social media and OSINT Business Intelligence platform is the best solution to oversee social media, evaluate Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public data into advantageous information.

Valuable Features:

a) Scanning: Having the ability to scan huge amount of information, merely in few minutes, the system can provide the operator a whole picture about the social media accounts and actions of the target.

b) Query/Search: The system can acquire any kind of input identifier, i.e., be it a cell no. or an e-mail Id to obtain all the data linked with it. The solution holds within different search potentials based on, electronic mail, keyword, cell number, sentences, name of groups and more.

c) Geo-Fencing / Location Oriented Search: Our technology permits the operator to undertake area searching to coordinate all activities executed or existing ones in that geographical region.

d) Outcome Visualization: Our graphic visualizers offer the control user to have a look at the search-oriented results in an illustrative layout amongst targets and actions undertaken.

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