C4ISR Systems

C4ISR Systems

Recent decades have shown that C4ISR Systems play a key role in today’s battlefields. Not only do they act as force multipliers of the component military platforms, allowing them to add up to more than the sum of their parts, but also as a link between the various services (land, sea, air and, more recently, space and cyberspace).

Besides, these C4ISR Systems make it possible for forces from different countries to work collectively, backing their interconnection and interoperability and thus a more efficient utilization of military sources all round.

What are C4ISR Systems?

C4ISR (command, control, communications, cyber, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) combines all the systems that permit military commanders to comprehend their operational environment, recognize mission critical factors, and manage their assets.

A simple example would be a command-and-control post with an internet connection, servers, and workstations that interface with nearby ground vehicles, aircraft, and foot soldiers gathering information about the operational situations and displays them for the ease of decision making for the commanders.

Why C4ISR Systems Matter?

The significance of C4ISR Systems to a mission’s success today lies in C4ISR’s function as a technological and strategic nerve center that integrates the operational side of military forces – platforms, troops, arms, and other resources – with intelligence, tactical networks, and analytical tools to provide command and control leaders with situational awareness and predictive analytics for effective decision making. When seconds are the difference amongst success and failure, unified mission solutions make it possible for forces to understand, determine and respond at outcome-changing speeds.

Hence, progressions in the capabilities of C4ISR Systems are transforming the nature of defense systems, battlefield tactics, and global communications security, calling for innovative thinking and alert, efficient development capabilities amongst prime partners and contractors.

Central Command & Control Center: Stratign’s Analytical Solution

Being an intelligent decision support and operations management platform, Stratign’s Central Command and Analysis Solution permits the user to ‘Gather, Process, Evaluate & Disseminate’ intelligence-based data in real-time.

How does it work?

The Command & Control Center from Stratign aids Commanders & Senior Managers to attain information from several sources to be accessible centrally at the Data Center and analyze them for augmented planning of functions.

The system can be customized to connect and gather information from different sensors such as COMINT Systems, National Data Repositories and ELINT Systems into a central database. The assembled data is then analyzed utilizing an evaluative application software set. The evaluation incorporates Image and Video Evaluation, OSINT, Crypt Analysis, Voice Print Analysis (VPA) and Correlation Analysis. The outcomes of the analysis are gathered as a metadata in the same database along with call-related data and intercepted content.

Based on the entire information regarding the metadata, various filters can be employed by the users for numerous parameter-based evaluations.

Beneficial Features:

  • Ability to amalgamate existing Third-Party sensors or Stratign’s sensors.
  • Provides visualization and advanced graphical analytics.
  • Probability to fuse-in with active jamming systems functioning throughout the wide frequency range to stabilize the signals of interest.
  • Integrated GIS for situational awareness.
  • VPA incorporates Gender Detection, Emotion & Age Detection, Discovery of Speaker & Language, Keyword Spotting etc.
  • Analyzing Image/Video: System can evaluate Gender, Age, Face Recognition, Identification of Vehicle Types & Registration specifications etc.
  • Link/Correlation Evaluation allows generation of call hierarchy and imperative e-forensic features.
  • Integration of OSINT tool allows gathering of more information from open-source platforms.

Therefore, given the worldwide demand for C4ISR solutions, investment in C4ISR Systems by nations and alliances is substantial and will continue to grow.

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