How do GSM interceptors work and its types!

In today’s time, cellular Interceptions & cellular monitoring technologies indeed provide LEAs and Government Agencies with a technological edge. It is via cellular interception, that users can attain Communications Intelligence (COMINT) which aids various authorities to secure, investigate, and control intercepted wireless communications like voice and data.

Hence, in the battle against terrorism and criminal activities, a real-time GSM interception system was created to offer world-wide government and law enforcement societies with the most valuable spectrum interrogation tool. Today, several Law Enforcement surveillance users go for the updated GSM Interception Systems with communication control and forensic attributes.

What is a GSM Interceptor & how does it work?

A GSM interceptor is an equipment that can collect information from hundreds of phones across targeted vicinities and can intercept conversations and messages & execute ‘denial-of-service’ attacks on phones. Hence, a GSM Interception system works by breaking the GSM encryption algorithm during real-time communications that secure cellular phones on a GSM cellular service network.

Knowing the types of GSM Interception Systems via Stratign!

a) Stratign’s Active GSM Interception System

The evolution of GSM technology along with augmented technological attributes and heightened complexity presents Stratign with a competitive environment to fabricate and construct solutions to provide a complete ‘Off-The-AIR Communication Surveillance System’ to diverse Government and Intelligence-Gathering clients. The Semi-Active GSM Interception System has a universal operating capability. This system can be utilized to intercept communications globally, from any GSM service-providers, irrespective of the type of encryption being exercised. In the active mode, the system imitates the cell-phone tower making it to act as a genuine unit and influences the target’s mobile phone to register with it.

Product Features:

    • Capable of Interception and logging of all GSM, 3G and 4G Bands.
    • Configurable number of channels starting from 04 channels to 16/32 channels
    • Interception of GSM communications in real-time: Encrypted in A5/1 and A5/2 Ciphering algorithms.
    • Automatic tuning of the Receivers: Holds a possibility to scan and recognize control channels & communication system boundaries.
    • The System does not necessitate the service provider’s SIM for operation.
    • The system can monitor all communications of the target (Voice, CRI, Location) till the time it is within the coverage range.

b) Stratign’s Passive GSM Interception System

The Passive GSM Interception System from Stratign is a ‘multi-channel tunable’ GSM Monitoring system. Each receiver is self-reliantly connective & tunable to any BTS of the GSM Network. This system from Stratign is meant to guarantee interception and deciphering of audio conversation from standards such as GSM-850/900/1800/1900MHz Cellular network in a static or in a mobile-environment. The Passive systems can be easily integrated with an active 3G/4G unit to downgrade the communication to 2G for interception of 3G and 4G networks too.

Product features:

    • A configurable number of channels starting from 04 channels to 16/32 channels.
    • Automatically identifies, decodes the ciphering algorithms utilized on the network in real-time. It also records mobile phone conversations,
       call-related data & network-information to the hard-disk of the system.
    • Ability to scan GSM network parameters in the restrained area (Service Provider, Broadcast Channel Number, Cell IDs, Signal Levels).
    • Possibility of full-time operation in an auto mode without any involvement from the operator.

c) Stratign’s Hybrid GSM Interception System

The Hybrid GSM Interception system from Stratign is a combination of Passive and Active subsystems. Both the passive element and the active element of the system can work in synchronization. The passive component can be utilized to investigate missions, while the active component can be utilized to support the target-based interception. This makes the system more discrete and difficult to detect.

Product features:

    • The passive system can operate on all the four GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    • System’s ability to integrate with active 3G and 4G Nodes
    • Configurable number of channels starting from 04 channels to 16/32 channels

In conclusion, Stratign’s GSM Monitoring solutions are wholly integrated, compliant and portable systems which can be conveniently moved and implemented for critical mission-based circumstances. These GSM Monitoring systems offered by Stratign can be customized to fit in your existing vehicle or vehicle of your choice to intercept the target while moving.

Intelligent Cell Phone Jammers and Its Uses

The usage of cell phones has increased massively; at present, peace and security is the need of the hour in several places. This can be achieved by utilizing a cell phone jammer, that blocks all the signals. One of the rising threats to security is unlawful cellular phone conversations at confidential places like court houses, military facilities, prisons etc. In fact, communication jamming devices were first developed and used by military forces to prevent successful transfer of information between enemy forces.

Knowing the difference: Traditional VS. Intelligent Cell Phone Jammers

There are two major types of jammers, non-intelligent i.e. traditional jammers, and intelligent jammers. The traditional jammer is utilized in a restricted area and is designed to block all cell phones that operate in a certain frequency band such as downlink frequency band of global system for mobile communication. This type of jammer is not fit for civilian use and especially for military applications, because it blocks all cell phones present in the restricted area. Moreover, the system will transmit jamming signals, whether there is an authorized mobile user in that restricted area or not.

On the flip side, the Intelligent jammers work as a detector and blocker which solves the pitfalls present in the traditional jammer. The system has the capability of creating a white list of authorized subscribers and allowing them to communicate freely while blocking all other phones in that area.

An ideal lookout:

Stratign’s Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (STN-ICJ3000) & its Beneficial Usage

The excusive technology used in this jammer permits the operator to specifically block communications of the unauthorized users inside its coverage range while allowing the authorized phones to operate.

Technology: How it works!

The STN-ICJ3000 provides the operator with absolute control over GSM phones functioning within the premises. Stratign’s highly advanced system is capable of automatically scanning and detecting all active 2G, 3G & 4G mobile phones within its coverage area. At the time of scanning, the system automatically gathers the handsets / SIM identities (such as TMSI, IMEI and IMSI) which can be utilized to recognize legal and illegal phones. By adding the authorized GSM phones to a GUI based ‘white-list’, the operator can allow them to communicate and the unauthorized mobile phones will be involuntarily jammed and would be added to the ‘black-list’.

What’s more, to locate unauthorized phones within the premises, the system can be integrated with a direction finder as well. Hence, numerous systems can be implemented and coordinated by a common GUI.

Valuable features:

  • System capability: Selective Jamming of 2G, 3G and 4G Phones.
  • Unlimited phones can be added to the white list.
  • Flexible system & multiple systems can be integrated to cover larger areas/new networks.
  • Displays the IMEI, MCC, MNC, IMSI, TMST type and model of all phones under the coverage range.
  • All the examined parameters can be saved in a database for future analysis.
  • Integration of direction finder: to physically locate & capture hidden cell phones.
  • Both directional and omnidirectional antennas can be utilized to expand the coverage scope of the system.
  • Can be remotely controlled using LAN or WAN
  • Can display the approximate target location on digital map.

In conclusion, Stratign’s precise and effective Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (STN-ICJ3000) enables to overcome various challenges of Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.