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Command Control

In a progressively complicated & hyperconnected world, security & defense organizations require high levels of insight, cooperation and optimization of resources and information, which was not possible earlier. With development of communication technologies, Command and Control Centers have become fundamental for organizations to proficiently and effectively monitor numerous data streams and arrive at accurate mission-critical decisions. These centers are not only beneficial for Government & Military bureaus but also to the Departments of Police & Fire, LEAs and many more.

Significance of Centralized Command & Control Center for LEAs

What does a Centralized Database mean?

Centralized database is mainly a type of a database system which is located, maintained and stored in a particular location like Data Centres. Data stored in the ‘Centralized DBMS’ is distributed all over the network PCs. It encompasses a set of records which can conveniently be retrieved from any location by using internet connection like WAN and LAN.

Be it for supervising, responding, governing, decision-making, collaborating or communicating, centralized Command & Control Center solutions are an important component towards managing day-to-day operations, that permits for extra efficient work and better decision-making.
A Centralized Command & Control Center enables LEAs to provide an immediate response to risks on public. Here’s how!


  • It assists in making decisions that are driven by information in the situation of an emergency or at times of standard operations.
  • By using specialized devices and applications, it raises awareness of the circumstances amongst civic administrators.
  • It assists the officers to make weighted decisions on how to combat the situation.
  • Since the systems are networked, it makes it possible to get in touch with the assisting workforce at distant ends to tackle the on-field grievances and challenges.

Stratign’s Solution: Analytical Central Command & Control Center

The Central Command and Analysis Solution from Stratign is an intelligent decision, assistance and operations management platform which permits the user to ‘Intercept, Gather, Process, Evaluate & Disseminate’ intelligence data in real-time.

How does it work?

Stratign’s Command & Control Center helps Commanders & Senior Managers to gain data from numerous sources to be reachable centrally at the Data Center and analyze them for augmented planning of operations.
The system compiles information from sensors like National Data Repositories, COMIT Systems, and ELINT Systems into a central database. The gathered information is then evaluated using an analytical application software suite. The assessment involves Voice Print Analysis, Image and Video Evaluation, Correlation Analysis, OSINT and Crypt Analysis. The outcomes of the assessment are accumulated as a metadata in the same database along with call-related data and intercepted content.
Based on the complete metadata information, several filters can be generated by the users. It is based on these filters that the solution will formulate reports on. Therefore, the operators & the administrators would be capable to obtain and react upon this data.

Promising features:

  • Ability to integrate prevailing 3rd party sensors or Stratign’s sensors.
  • Provides visualization and advanced graphical analytics.
  • Could be unified with active jamming systems functioning throughout the extensive frequency range to counteract the signals of interest.
  • Integrated GIS for situational awareness.
  • VPA incorporates Discovery of Speaker & Language, Keyword Spotting, Gender Detection, Emotion & Age Detection.
  • Image & Video Evaluation incorporate Face Recognition, Gender, Age, Discovery of Vehicle Types and Registration Number etc.
  • Link/Correlation Analysis allows creation of call hierarchy and important electronic forensic features.
  • Integration of OSINT toll allows gathering of more information from open source platforms.

In a nutshell, the software and customized solutions created by Stratign can be utilized for the conversion of raw information to valuable intelligence. This indeed enables to support intelligence-based establishments and other LEAs, efficiently and successfully.

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