Drone Defense System

Defense Drone System

Today, drones have the proficiency of spying, recording and broadcasting unlawful videos. They can also ship explosives, illegal freights and other commodities; and even assign or carry out terrorist attacks, homicides and more.

Hence, UAV Quadcopters and Drones are turning to be a nuisance and can hinder your privacy as day by day they are becoming cheaper and more available. Numerous incidents within the past years exposed that there is an emerging threat caused by small-scale commercially available UAVs. Due to convenient access and availability of drones and quadcopters, terrorists and criminals have the edge over, reaching places that are physically impossible.

Stratign offers you with a comprehensive Drone Detection & Jamming solution that is tailorized and cost-effective. Besides its specific use in military field, this well working Drone Defense System for detection & jamming can find application in the prevention of criminal acts. It can as well be effectual for those police forces occupied in supervision of particular risk areas.

UAV threat-oriented defensive measure: Stratign’s constructive approach 

1. DETECT the possible threat with the best possible probability of detection utilizing Radar and RF detection. RF sensors with directional antenna arrays are situated at appropriate locations in the site. The RF sensors will denote the azimuth of approach of every captured drone. The accuracy of the system can be enhanced by utilizing various sensors. The drone’s estimated location is computed using triangulation algorithms.

2. LOCATE the drone on a digitized map. An excessively sensitive Radar is utilized to Locate the drone. The Radar can detect even high-speed miniature drones. It operates in the ISM, X or S Frequency Bands and has the highest detection range of almost 5000m for a drone of 0.01m2 cross section area. Maximum detection distance varies with radar cross-section.

3. IDENTIFY the probable threat as a real threat with the least possible false-alarm rate utilizing the EO/IR Camera and dedicated proprietary algorithms. As optical cameras might not be able to recognize mini drones flying at top speed, a thermal camera is also integrated into the system.

4. ACT on the threat by raising alarms or combatting the threat with a countermeasure using RF jammers. Hence, once the drone is recognized as a risk and located, the last Act is to disable it utilizing an extreme-power jammer. The jamming unit comprises of modules for 433MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands and a unit especially for Jamming satellite-oriented navigation data for the drone. The Drone Defense System for jamming can be deployed in minimum time frame and comes into action immediately.

Why Stratign’s Drone Defense System for Jamming?

  • Stratign’s Drone Defense System for jamming can Detect, Locate, Identify, Disrupt UAVs navigation system and data links up to 5000mt. Smaller system with a range of 1000m is also available.
  • In case the zone to be covered is more, several drone jammers can be applied in the target region and they can be networked to be supervised from a prime location like a Command & Control Centre.
  • Highly configurable as static, transportable or vehicle-based systems constructed on customer’s specifications. 
  • The Drone Defense System for jamming can be utilized in both strategic and tactical operation.
  • Easily deployable in rural and urban environments.
  • Active solution of Drone Defense System capable of handling most of the commercial drones.
  • The Drone Defense System can work against multiple targets at the same. 
  • Numerous systems can be utilized to cover larger vulnerable areas near public locations where civilian access is convenient.
  • The Drone Defense System has the capability to jam all types of global navigation satellite systems and to also disrupt different UAV command and control communication links employed by the UAV data links.
  • Unified RF sensor and jammer solution for immediate action on identification of drones.
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