Federal bureaus that employ law enforcement officers mostly use facial biometry technology to aid with criminal investigations, besides other activities. For example, the technology via Face Recognition Algorithms can help track and identify an unknown individual in a photo or video surveillance, along with supporting and accelerating investigations.

What are Face Recognition Algorithms?

Face Recognition Algorithms are a technique of developing a biometric face model for future analysis and the face biometry process. It is a primary component of any face detection and recognition system / software.

Moreover, before Face Recognition Algorithms are ready for performing necessary tasks, they need to go through large amounts of data, precisely labeled image sets. These sets are utilized to create a machine learning model.

Understanding Face Recognition Algorithms and how they work.

Usually, particular neural networks are instructed to identify human face attributes and differentiate appearances from other substances in the image. The attributes such as eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose etc. are unique for each human face. The methods of practical application differ as per the algorithm.

Experts divide these Face Recognition Algorithms into 2 main approaches. The geometric approach emphasized on differentiating attributes. While the photo-metric statistical techniques are utilized to retrieve values from a picture. These values are then put to comparison with templates to eradicate variances. The algorithms can as well be classified into 2 more generic categories, feature-oriented and holistic models. The former concentrates on face-based landmarks and evaluates their spatial parameters and correlation to other attributes, while holistic techniques view the human face as a complete unit.

The algorithms perform 3 prime tasks: identifies faces in an image, audiovisual, or real-time stream; compute a mathematical model of a face; compare models to training series or databases to recognize or verify an individual.

Stratign’s Facial Biometry System

Using powerful Face Recognition Algorithms, Stratign’s Facial Biometry Systems prove to be helpful as it not only capitalizes on a person’s facial dimensions but also alerts when the faces match or don’t match. Considering an individual’s image stored in a centralized server, our Facial Recognition Systems can detect the same picture encountered across numerous cameras. With the usage of biometric software and pattern-identification skills, our Biometry technology for Face Authentication targets to elevate security standards for the security of public and various other companies/services.

Furthermore, Stratign has designed and developed the quickest and precise Facial Recognition Systems that operates in a cost-effective manner on smartphones and body-worn devices and IP cameras, tackling 2 major concerns: Security and Customer Information Enrichment.
Stratign’s Facial Biometry assure to offer top-most protection throughout the defense industry, govt. corporations and banking sectors.

Beneficial features of the Facial Biometry System

  • Decreases crime in State, City or Companies and enhances public safety
  • Recognize the specifications of the target and avoid any atrocities
  • Searches for missing people
  • Ensures security for vital vicinities such as Airports, Railway stations, Malls, Transportation or some other infrastructure. Likewise, individual detection and flight registration without presenting documents.
  • Build and supervise a specialized multichannel customer communication
  • Profound customer experience and preferences analysis
  • Creating custom-made recommendation based on customers data
  • Enables personalized recommendation for target audience
  • Accurate data about customer satisfaction
  • Increasing average check
  • Decreasing cost on attracting new customers
  • Tracking Customers Movement within retail space
  • Recognition of silhouette – To gather real-time signs on human silhouettes, you should first enable silhouette identification.
  • Detection of a person & clusterization – Gather or cluster faces into single entity and classify it as an individual.
  • Face mask detection.
  • Enhanced Target Identification: LIVE view with recognition of face associated with every camera, in real-time.

Overall, if utilized correctly and accurately, the use of latest and improved Face Recognition Algorithms, used in Stratign’s Facial Recognition System, can assist in protecting the public and enhance national security on numerous fronts. It can do much more to boost security in the future – from street criminalities to protection at airports, all the way through to helping those combatting addiction, technology has a potential to take operations & security to better and newer heights.

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