Geopolitical Risk Analysis & Solutions

When it comes to strategic intelligence, sustaining a competitive advantage over progressively complex rivals and adversaries will be a vital element for assuring and advancing a country’s security interests in the upcoming decades.

It would be good for any Government to understand the sentiments of their citizens on new policies or laws being brought out by them to make course corrections or pursue them. Also, during the country elections, every political party would like to know the geographical pockets where they have supporters or rivals. Similarly, a chief concern for any businesses reliant on international stability and secure supply chains, is geopolitical risk. This fact makes it even imperative to collect and analyze data related to geopolitical trends and compiling this information into special-purpose intelligence. We at Stratign specialize in looking beyond the biases of media outlets and think tanks to provide an objective assessment of the risks, via our beneficial OSINT Solution Platform.

What is Geopolitical Risk Analysis?

A Geopolitical Risk Analysis refers to intelligence-based, pertinent national and local data that might affect your organizations’ functionality. It helps to identify possible risks, assess the likely impact of those risks and make recommendations to manage, mitigate and respond to them.

In other words, Geopolitical Risk Analysis ought to act as data-oriented “early warning system” that intent to discover variations within the system of International or Domestic Relations, ideally before they arise.

Understanding the connection between OSINT and Geopolitical Risk Analysis.

These days, many of the analysts devote too much time manually gathering, evaluating and reporting on a massive amount of intelligence – which makes it impossible to avoid and respond to geopolitical threats swiftly or effectively.

This is where Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) comes into picture. A robust OSINT platform can eliminate manual research and surface intelligence in real time by providing comprehensive view of the threat landscape via contextual data and analysis on geopolitical threats and trends.

Using information from publicized sources, social media, and network analysis; an all-source, open-source intelligence infrastructure can provide a comprehensive and concise report to understand the shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization, delivering the data and insights you need to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

Below are some of the key open-source intelligence facets that can be accessed for progressive Geopolitical Risk Analysis:

  • Location-based monitoring
  • Real-time geopolitical event monitoring
  • Location-based risk scoring
  • Human-organized analysis of geopolitical events and patterns

Open-Source Intelligence Platform from Stratign

Our Geopolitical Risk Analysis solutions via OSINT offers end-to-end coverage of political, sovereign, banking violent & investment risks on a global level.

The OSINT Platform from Stratign is an innovative cyber intelligence solution constructed to meet a broad range of functional requirements for organizations, cyber analytic experts, banking and government agencies. The system is mainly utilized for the whole nation’s security, business intelligence and law enforcement operations. The end-to-end social media and OSINT platform is the right solution to monitor social media, evaluate Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public data into valuable information. An important monitoring approach to evaluate the risks & combat the crime.

Advantageous Features:

a) Scanning: In just a few minutes, the system has the ability to scan huge amount of data and provide the operator a full picture of the social media accounts and actions of the target.

b) Query/Search: The system can acquire any kind of input identifier, i.e., be it a mobile number or an electronic mail address to receive all the information linked with it. The solution comprises of various search possibilities based on, email, keyword, mobile no., sentences, group names etc.

c) Geo-Fencing / Location Basis Search: Our technology permits the operator to implement area searching to coordinate all activities undertaken or on-going in that geographical zone.

d) Result Visualization: Our graphic visualizers offer the control user to view search-based outcomes in a graphical layout amongst targets and actions implemented.

In conclusion, depending on every client’s requirement, Stratign’s valuable OSINT Platform helps to break down and draw from hundreds of geopolitically relevant sources. By offering access to dynamically associated, categorized and up-to-date intelligence in real-time, Stratign’s OSINT tool delivers unparalleled intelligence for Geopolitical Risk Analysis.

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