GPS Signal Blocker

GPS Signal Blocker

The world is going gaga over technological advancements and the impact that technology has on our lives is phenomenal. Amongst many gadgets that simplify our life, there’s one special product that has garnered popularity – GPS Signal Blockers. Also known as GPS Jammers or in general GNSS Jammers, these jammers, as the name suggests, block the navigation signals in the area, thereby denying acquisition of own location by GPS guided systems such as UAVs, missiles, aircrafts, navigation enabled military vehicles, etc. Non-availability of own location makes the navigation system non-functional.

To put in simple terms, satellite navigation is a network of satellites which facilitate GPS tracking automatically via a worldwide or local coverage. There are these small electronic receivers to analyze location in terms of its elevation, latitude, etc. It determines it with great precision after employing signals transmitted by radio from satellites.

What does a GPS Jammer do?

A GPS jammer is a self-sufficient device that transmits signals with the same frequency as the GPS device, resulting into intrusion and disabling the equipment’s ability to detect the location. Stratign’s GNSS Jammers are efficient and designed with perfection. The general methods used for jamming GNSS signals are barrage jamming, sweep jamming and imitation jamming. Stratign uses a unique concept of a combination of imitation jamming and retransmission of the GNSS signals received in the specified bands of frequencies.

How beneficial it is to use GPS Signal Blocker?

GPS signal blockers are of importance in the military sector as they are always under threat of being targeted using UAVs or missiles or fighter aircrafts. By blocking the GSP signals in a reasonable range, the threat of such attacks can be considerably reduced. . Unlike barrage and sweep jamming, Stratign’s GPS Jammers require lesser power due to the techniques used. The jamming range is something that is equally important as the device. Stratign’s GPS signal blockers can work up to ranges exceeding 100km using directional antennas.

Stratign’s STN-GNSSJ is highly modular in nature and consists of three parts – signal generation unit, output amplifier unit and antennas. The modular nature makes the jammers adaptable to requirements of different end users and highly scalable with respect to output power, frequency bands, etc. GPS signal blockers are highly portable and hence can be deployed in short-time frames.

Can GPS Jammers be misused?

A GPS signal blocker can be used illegally by people to commit several crimes as their location identity is concealed. This can pose serious risks to the society and its people. Law enforcement agencies need to monitor wrongdoings or any suspicious activity that is happening around.

However, GPS jammers / GPS signal blocker can also be used by military professionals for the security of the society as they can mislead criminals about their whereabouts and catch them off-guard.

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