High-performance Computing

In today’s era, not only Government and Corporate organizations, but almost all the facets of human life are driven by data. Hence, it has become important to protect this valuable information from malicious attacks either trying to steal data or corrupt data. One of the methods of saving such information leak is by storing the data in an encrypted format. Similar encryption techniques are also used while transmitting data from one agency to another. Encryption can be a double-edged weapon wherein it provides protection against data theft and at the same time can be used for unlawful transmission of information. Intelligence agencies across the world come across many such encrypted data in various formats. To obtain intelligence out of it, they need to break the encryption used in those files.

Moreover, some problems cannot be resolved on a standard computer within a limited time frame. At certain times, there are issues with the execution due to limited availability of resources. Hence, such demanding – applications that tries to break the encryption algorithm need fast processing or High-Speed Computing and it becomes a requirement than an option.

What is Cryptanalysis?

Cryptanalysis is the science of breaking codes and decoding complex encryption algorithms. It is used to break authentication schemes, to discern cryptographic protocols, and, more benignly, can also be used to discover and correct weaknesses in encryption algorithms.

What is High-Speed Computing?

High-Speed Computing refers to the usage of super-computers and parallel processing methods for resolving complex computational issues. The High-Speed Computing technology emphasizes on building parallel processing algorithms and systems.

Why is High-Speed Computing important in Cryptanalysis?

In the absence of encryption, anyone with access to the Internet and certain software tools can intercept mail messages, web pages and other packets of data to see what they say. The person can also send fake messages that look like real messages.

Cryptography protects data sent through the Internet. Cryptography is the science of jumbling and unjumbling data packets to safeguard against forgery and spying. An invader who forges a message would not be able to jumble it in the right way, so when we unjumble it, we’ll notice that it’s a forgery.

High-Speed Computing is the best solution to overcome certain restrictions with the use of specialized hardware or by collecting computational power from different units. The consequential allocation of operations and information across diverse units require the concept of parallelization.
It is constantly becoming more imperative as a research tool in several areas such as Research Labs, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI and many more.

Stratign’s Crypt Analysis System: Gateway to exclusive solutions

For over several years, Stratign has been rapidly progressing and employing crypto algorithms, tailorized as per diverse customer needs. Throughout these years, Stratign has worked with different Government and Intelligence agencies, worldwide, in the field of Communication Intelligence and Processing, and Signal Investigation.

With unparalleled experience and knowledge, Stratign has effectively cracked crypto algorithms exploited in communication networks like Iridium, INMARSAT, Thuraya, GSM and more. Unique Algorithms such ad DES (Data Encryption Standard) has been deciphered by Stratign as well. These advances have been transformed into efficacious products and are being extensively used by several Government and Intelligence agencies globally.

Stratign’s Crypt Analysis System: Benefits achieved

  • Advantage of Crypt Analysis resources worldwide via compelling tie-ups
  • Access to High-Speed Computing solutions and software schemes
  • A dedicated in-house expert working on cryptography.

What’s more? Stratign is already building simulations and crypto verification systems along with setting up special Crypt Analysis Labs for applying decryption and upgradation of documented encrypted Streams, offline examination and more.

We also offer specialized tailor-made training for Crypt Analysis & provide support throughout the programmed by presenting insights on dealing with the decryption of ciphers and cryptosystems.

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