Osint Intelligence Collection and Analysis

LEAs encounter several difficulties when investigating online activities of the extremists. The downright scale of the surface web and its counterparts beneath present extensive barriers. Nonetheless, law enforcement & intelligence bureaus can abide by investigative practices and execute technologies that address the obstacles of a web-based investigation.

Such investigations can assist your establishment reveal the threats extremist troops and individuals pose within your region. OSINT is a vital tool law enforcement agency can utilize to guide an investigation. A treasure of publicly available information, from traditional print publications to current broad range of online media outlets can be obtained from Open-Source Intelligence Collection and Analysis.

What do we mean by OSINT Intelligence Collection and Analysis?

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) generally refers to an intelligence-collection method utilized to collect and analyze publicly available online data for investigative objectives. It is the insight attained from processing and examining public data sources such as broadcast television, social media, podcasts and internet sites and radio.

Consequently, it assists an Intelligence Community’s mission to gather, evaluate, and deliver intelligence and counterintelligence data to national leaders so they can take appropriate decisions to safeguard its country.

Who utilizes OSINT Intelligence Collection and Analysis?

OSINT Intelligence techniques are carried out by all kinds of investigators and analysts throughout diverse industries—researchers, threat hunters cybersecurity operations analysts, fraud investigators, LEA officers, researchers, and many more.

This means that open-source intelligence practices can be utilized to a broad range of use cases, particularly threat evaluation, person of interest inspections, phishing attacks, and deceitful activities.

Why OSINT Intelligence Collection and Analysis matters to the LEA & intelligence community?

One of the major strengths of open-source Intelligence Collection and Analysis is its capability to conserve resources when it comes to equipment and manpower. Currently, open-source intelligence software programs and tools offer the Law Enforcement Agencies & intelligence groups with similar abilities for lower cost than similar comparable categorized collection techniques. This way, it allows the community to focus on the conserved budget on classified collection actions that are super personalized in nature, better at balancing the costing with competences – a significant consideration in the world of confiscation and looming public debt emergencies. Examples of tasks productively completed by OSINT include social media evaluation, business-related overhead imagery and analytics, examining of violation & much more.

Furthermore, it’s Deep Web and Dark Web attribute feature benefit in fiscal investigations as well. For example, open-source Intelligence Collection and Analysis permits expertized govt. agencies to identify tax evaders, transactions in the dark web, oversee a targets social media accounts, retreats, and lifestyle that have an immense value for a govt. investigator who may be chasing them for hidden income.

Open-Source Intelligence Platform from Stratign

The open-source intelligence solution from Stratign is a creative cyber intelligence platform built to marry a wide range of functional needs for organizations, cyber analytic specialists, banking and govt. agencies. The system can be primarily utilized for the entire country’s security, organization intelligence and LEA operations. The end-to-end social media and open-source Intelligence Collection and Analysis platform is the ideal solution to supervise social media, evaluate Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public data into beneficial information.

Valuable Features:

a) Scanning: With the ability to scan huge amount of data in a matter of just few minutes, the system can offer the operator a complete picture of the social media accounts and happenings of the target.

b) Query/Search: The system can obtain any sort of input identifier, i.e., be it a cell number or an email address to acquire all the data associated with it. The solution holds within diverse search possibilities based on, electronic mail, keyword, mobile number, sentences, group names and more.

c) Geo-Fencing / Location Based Search: Our technology permits the operator to carry out area searching to manage all activities undertaken or current ones in that geographical area.

d) Outcome Visualization: Our graphic visualizers provide the control user to view search-oriented results in a pictorial layout between targets and actions undertaken.

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