Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance Solutions

ISR Solutions

In an increasingly complex & hyperconnected world, security & defense entities need high levels of insight, collation and optimization of resources and data. With development of communication technologies, the need for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions have become fundamental for organizations to proficiently and effectively monitor numerous data streams and arrive at accurate mission-critical decisions. Hence, the data centers are not only valuable for Govt. and Military bureaus but to the Departments of Police & Fire, Law Enforcement Agencies too.

Understanding the significance of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions also known as ISR are typically used in reference to military applications. It is an integrated intelligence and operations function that can be defined as a coordinated acquisition, processing, and provision of accurate, relevant, timely information and intelligence to support a commander’s decision-making process. Most land, sea, air, and space installations perform critical roles in the acquisition of Intelligence to ensure the success of operations.

Another key aspect in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions field is the ability to integrate data collected from various sensors and then be able to correlate them to offer a capability to link targets and data for improved assimilation of information. This would need capabilities to integrate several data heads from different sensors into integrated databases where progressive big data analytics can be implemented. Stratign with its immense experience in the numerous sensors and integrated solutions can offer unconventional capabilities to customers who might want to migrate to a higher level of intelligence collection, assembling and processing of data for high-end results with top-notch analysis capabilities.

Central Command & Control Center: Stratign’s Analytical Solution

Being an intelligent decision support and operations management platform, Stratign’s Central Command and Analysis Solution permits the user to ‘Gather, Process, Evaluate & Disseminate’ intelligence-based data in real-time.

How does it work?

The Command & Control Center from Stratign aids Commanders & Senior Managers to attain information from several sources to be accessible centrally at the Data Center and analyze them for augmented planning of functions.

The system can collect data from various sensors such as ELINT Systems, National Data Repositories and COMIT Systems into a central database. The assembled data is then analyzed utilizing an evaluative application software set. The evaluation incorporates Image and Video Evaluation, OSINT, Crypt Analysis, Voice Print Analysis (VPA) and Correlation Analysis. The outcomes of the analysis are gathered as a metadata in the same database along with call-related data and intercepted content.
Based on the entire information regarding the metadata, various filters can be employed by the users for numerous parameter-based evaluations.

Beneficial features:

  • Ability to amalgamate existing Third-Party sensors or Stratign’s sensors.
  • Provides visualization and advanced graphical analytics.
  • Probability to fuse-in with active jamming systems functioning throughout the wide frequency range to stabilize the signals of interest.
  • Integrated GIS for situational awareness.
  • VPA incorporates Gender Detection, Emotion & Age Detection, Discovery of Speaker & Language, Keyword Spotting etc.
  • Analyzing Image/Video: System can evaluate Gender, Age, Face Recognition, Identification of Vehicle Types & Registration specifications etc.
  • Link/Correlation Analysis permits generation of call hierarchy and significant electronic forensic attributes.
  • Integration of OSINT tool allows gathering of more information from open-source platforms.

In a nutshell, the software created along with the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions offered by Stratign can be utilized for the conversion of raw information to valuable intelligence. This thereby assists to support intelligence-based entities and other LEAs, proficiently and successfully.

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