Keyword Detection

In today’s date, logging & interpreting a voiceprint by the means of the severity, roughness, pitch, loudness, etc. of the sounds created by a person while speaking is crucial, primarily for criminal investigations and military intelligence objectives. Every person’s voice is different because the structure or make-up of the vocal cords, verbal cavity, oral and nasal openings is unique to each.

Voice Forensics & Keyword Detection – What is it?

Voice Forensics is a scientific analysis which incorporates evaluation, filtering, and authenticating voice recordings for the purpose of an inquiry or trial. Further, to investigate ahead on the above-mentioned, one needs to have an effectual voice biometrics program. A technique which analyzes audio evidence accurately by implementing voice recognition technology in a way that makes it easier to function with the gathered audio evidence. This would indeed aid forensic specialists as well as security-oriented companies to finalize voice treatment and speaker recognition practices precisely.

While keyword detection is a sub function of the voice recognition technology that detects the existence of a word or concise phrase within a specified stream of audio, the most common use case of keyword detection is voice activation of virtual assistants. For example, “Hey Alexa” is the keyword for the Alexa assistant. Upon identification of the keyword, a scenario-oriented action is carried out.

How does Keyword Detection work?

Keyword Detection uses speech recognition to identify an organization’s target keywords and phrases. Keywords can be customized as per specific needs and preferences. Specific desired phrases or words can be chosen to act as triggers with the appropriate action to be taken once identified. The calls and recordings are then constantly monitored, which provides you the ability to evaluate them as early as they get spotted.

Understanding Significance of Voice Profile Analysis (VPA) from Stratign

Based on AI based speech analytics system, Stratign’s (VPA) Vocal Profile Analysis is mainly intended to be utilized by LEAs, public protection, investigation and forensic professionals. Be it for the evaluation of huge amounts of audio recordings for investigation objectives or just a few audio tracks for forensic specialists, the platform can manage almost any speech-processing difficulties. The system utilizes Voice Recognition Technology to swiftly search and appropriately allows Keyword Detection, recognizing languages, speakers within bulky amounts of audio recordings making it perfect for intelligence and LEAs. What’s more? VPA holds the ability to analyze audio files for speech/non-speech recognitions as well.

Advantageous Features

  • Keyword Detection
  • Gender detection
  • Emotion detection capability
  • Age detection
  • Built on a client-server mode/architecture usage of customary hardware
  • Multi-parallel processing supported
  • Speaker recognition in signal via evaluation from a known database of speaker voice samples.
  • Identification of several languages from a known database of languages.
  • Employment of standard software to be able to take part in additional development.
  • Scalability and well-suited interfaces for the classifier additions.
  • Communication via TCP/IP.
  • Language Identifier
  • Speech Detection Module

The expertise of Stratign’s Voice Biometrics Technology allows for Keyword Detection which aids LEAs, corporate offices, and other govt. institutes to investigate or combat crimes.

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