Manpack Jammer

RCIED Manpack Jammer

Be it for military or civilian reasons, defending soldiers and VIP convoys from the dangers of roadside bombs, or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) has significantly become a top-priority and an operational challenge. As a result, with the constant development and utilization of IEDs by terrorists and rebels across the world, counter IED Jammer Solutions are indeed in demand by friendly forces both military and paramilitary. Stratign proudly provides a valuable range of IED jammers, supplied in exclusively tailorized vehicles, Portable Briefcase, Manpack and in Static variations as well.

By utilizing precise threat analysis with the updated latest technology, Stratign’s IED Jammer Solutions can offer a genuine and reliable IED countermeasure to the most challenging of threats, thus saving people and providing a reliable and dynamic force of security expertise. Let’s understand more about Manpack Jammers!

What’s the usage of a Manpack Jammer?

A Manpack Jammer is a device that is utilized by diverse military and governmental organizations. This impactful portable jammer provides an effectual blocking range. A Manpack Jammer can be carried by an individual in parts where remote controlled improvised explosive devices are distrusted. It is then created for protection of warriors and law enforcement foot patrols countering RF radio-controlled bombs-.

Stratign’s beneficial RCIED Manpack Jammer

The RCIED Manpack Jammer from Stratign is a portable bomb jammer built into a briefcase or backpack, designed to defend against RCEIDs. The jammer is designed to be operated as portable system movable from car to home, office, operational field etc. In case of portable operation, the jammer is run by an internal battery which is rechargeable with an autonomous functional potential of up to 1 hour. In the event of vehicular operation, the jammer is powered by an exclusive supply that can be delivered optionally and can have longer working hours.

This Manpack Jammer is a lightweight portable system used to protect military, law enforcement and EOD personnel in areas which could harbor potential radio detonated IED threats. It is used for jamming RCIED’s to protect people/VIP on the move during a column march or during an individual movement. Based on the customers need, the jammer can be factory-configured to function in a frequency band of 20MHz – 6000 MHz.


  • The Manpack Jammer can be packaged into briefcase or backpack.
  • Modularity of construction makes it easier to add or drop channels.
  • Possible to vary the range of system by controlling the output power.
  • Takes care of all possible threats in the band from 20-6000MHz.

Why go for Stratign’s RCIED Jammers?

The IED Jammers like Manpack Jammer from Stratign are created to disrupt the initialization of the explosive by blocking the radio transmission that the terrorist establishes to trigger the bomb. This works by emitting a jamming signal that overrides the desired command signals for the IED.
Stratign provides diverse configurations of IED Jammers (active & reactive) to meet the operational needs of the customers.
In a nutshell, the IED Jammers from Stratign are engineered and produced to offer continuous electronic protection against IEDs in the most harsh, strategic & extreme environments.

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