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GSM being one of the first mobile communications standards, was predominantly utilized over traditional TDM networks. It continues to be the default standard in many parts of the world. With modern developments, communications around the GSM network can be replaced over TDM transport networks, as well as with services from IP or Ethernet transport.

GSM networks operate in three different frequency ranges:

  • GSM 900: Functions in the 900 MHz frequency range; is utilized in several parts of the world such as Europe, most of Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East).
  • GSM 1800 / DCS 1800: Operates within 1800 MHz frequency range; is discovered in a No. of countries which include France, Russia,
  • the UK, Germany and Switzerland.
    PCS 1900 / DCS 1900L: Utilized in the United States and Canada.


We at Stratign provide valuable GSM solutions via our specialized Passive, Semi-active, Hybrid & IMSI Catcher Cell phone interceptor systems.
Let’s understand the main elements that support the above-mentioned Systems to serve operational intelligence agencies via our comprehensive Geolocation Solution.

Offering complete Geolocation and investigation solutions: Key elements

A complete geolocation solution acquires real-time location information for target mobile phones—at any time, in any network, across the globe.

Cellular phone technology makes it possible to determine the location of phones in mobile networks. This is critically advantageous during rescue operations when phone owners are unable to communicate with rescuers and it offers intelligence agencies with the ability to track and follow target whereabouts.

The increasing techno-sophistication of criminals and terrorists means they are well-aware of cyber tracking options and, as such, take steps to hide or disguise their location.

The ideal for intelligence agencies is to track targets seamlessly and covertly without risk of being detected or identified. Our geolocation solutions meet these challenges!

The geolocation is transparent to the target—it can’t be identified, blocked, or traced back to the operational user.

Stratign has designed and developed solutions to offer a total Off-The-Air GSM Communication Surveillance System to our various Government and Intelligence gathering customers.

Let’s have a look at some of the key beneficial elements that support in providing top-class solutions:

a) Mobile Network Analyzer: An advanced network monitor would help the user to watch the state of cellular networks by gathering data about cell towers. The Mobile Network Analyzer system supports GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. Mobile Network Analyzers use computer software and hardware to detect, locate, monitor, and/or capture information passed over mobile networks. These analyzers enable law enforcement officers with the proper warrants to investigate and collect forensic evidence to counter illegal activities. This forensic evidence can include voice recordings, SMS, location data and other CRI (Call Related Information).

b) Target locator: Stratign’s GSM Interception Solutions enable to locate, detect, control, intercept, and manipulate target devices and their communications. This is because the target locator comprises an integrated GIS tool which enables the operator to visualize the geographical location of the target on an integrated map.

c) Off the Air Interceptor Solution: Via our Passive GSM Interception, the Off the Air Interceptor/ Monitoring Solution is designed to intercept radio interfaces between the target’s mobile and the cellphone tower. Interception of the radio interface provides Voice, Text Messages and other call related information (CRI). System uses state of art technology for on-line deciphering of A5/1 and A5/2 cipher algorithms. The modular concept of the system enables easy upgradation of the system to intercept more channels according to the customer requirement. The basic system comes with 16 channels.

d) Phone Tracking: For instance, our IMSI Catcher System Solution acts as a base station which enters the network as the most powerful base station available, meaning that all mobile phones working within the same location link to the IMSI Catchers base station. Once connected, the IMSI Catcher has the mobile phones’ IMSI and IMEI data, fulfilling the basic requirement for Phone Tracking. After these details have been collected, it becomes feasible to monitor the operation of the mobile; the voice calls occurring, the messages being delivered and the location of the mobile phone.

Valuable Features offered by Stratign’s GSM Interception Solutions:

  • 100% Passive system, the presence of the system cannot be detected by anyone.
  • Does not require SIM of the service provider or any assistance from the service provider.
  • Capable of Intercepting duplex Voice and SMS communication
  • Real-Time Passive Deciphering of A5/1, A5/2, A5/0 encrypted signals.
  • The system can be configured in either stationary or in mobile environments.
  • All the recorded cell phone conversations, call related information, network information is stored in the hard disk of the processing computer.
  • Assorting of the targets by diverse parameters like IMSI, TMSI, IMEI, Target distance from the base station, kind of target handset and the dialed & received number of the target (PLMN).
  • Subscriber’s location finding relative to the base station (LAC, BS, sector, distance with accuracy of 550 m) with possibility of its indication on the digital map.
  • Possibility of round-the-clock operation in auto mode without the operator involvement.
  • Can also be used for Selective Jamming
  • System provides flexibility for the system operator to modify the ID of selected targets for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Universal Operating Capability – The system can be used to intercept communications from any GSM service provider in the world.
  • The system has the capability of spotting keywords within the received SMS messages or the comments inserted by operators.
  • System is integrable with Stratign’s Voice Forensic Software (Language Identification, Speaker Identification, Gender Identification, etc.) Handheld DF system and Link Analysis Tools.
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