Navigation Signal Jammer

GNSS Navigational Signal Jammers

GNSS, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) signals are used by many critical infrastructure organizations for positioning, navigation and timing applications including defense, policing, security, transport and marine. GNSS supports to track or direct GNSS-enabled devices like vehicles, military systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, missiles, etc. Nonetheless, GNSS System can also be utilized by subversive elements to navigate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to deliver explosives or to capture photographs of restrictive/protected zones or to control guided missiles. This demands the requirement for jamming the GNSS signals to safeguard vital installations and to disorient the progressive forces.

What is a Navigation signal jammer and how does it work?

Navigation signal jammers can vary in size and power depending on the range of application. The ranges can typically vary from few meters to more than 100 kms. These transmits RF signals in the operational frequency ranges of the global navigation signals and interferes with the GNSS receivers.

GNSS receivers depend on low power RF signals broadcasted from navigation satellites. Signal jammers run by overpowering/replicating these satellite signals with higher power, radio signals, to build “noise” that deceits GNSS tracking systems into thinking its signals are not obtainable.

Moreover, Navigation Signal Jamming from other sources of radio transmission can be intentional (malicious) or unintentional.

  • Unintentional jamming: Radar or communication transmitters, although functioning in a distinct frequency band, might intervene with GNSS reception due to their power of scattering.
  • Intentional jamming: GNSS jammers, although unlawful in most countries, are easily available on the world wide web. Proclaimed as privacy jammers, they can restrict GNSS reception over many kilometers.

Who Uses Navigation Signal Jammers?

The reasons for using jammers are varied. Originally created by the government, Navigation Signal Jammers were designed for military use. Obscuring vehicle location can be vital to the triumph of a mission. The devices behave as a cloak offering the military privacy, top-level safety and a complete advantage in high-risk circumstances.

In fact, including civilians, certain speeding drivers may utilize jamming devices to try to avoid detection by police and avoid fines. Criminals utilize these jammers as cover for vehicle theft or to avoid toll charges or mileage charges. In the fleet world, Navigation signal jamming could be used by a driver to prevent the employer from knowing where they are going with the company vehicle.

GNSS Jamming System: Stratign’s beneficial Navigation Signal Jammer

Straitign’s GNSS Jammer is meant for Government entities and is built to block all the 4 key GNSS navigational systems by emitting interference signals. These navigation signal jammers release barrage radio-jamming and renders the navigation services ineffective or influence them to exhibit unwanted error in their accuracies. Consequently, the receiver cannot assess the geographical coordinates of the object, onboard of which it is mounted. Without knowing of its own coordinates, the combat competence of high-accuracy weapon minimizes to the zero. Winged missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and gliding bombs lose their capability to be objectified at the targets as they cannot determine their own present coordinate and consequently cannot follow the guidance commands for flight.

GNSS Jammers from Stratign are utilized for securing an area against satellite-navigated adverse dangers. This navigation signal jammer will primarily safeguard a well-defined zone, both from the ground and the sky threats.

Stratign’s GNSS Navigation Signal Jammer is built to defeat latest anti-jamming techniques in current Satellite Receiver chipsets extensively used in suicide UAVs, drones (quadcopters/multi-copters), light UAVs & several other inexpensive “extremely accurate” weapon’s navigation systems.

Apart from the above, the anti-drone jammer system from Stratign also has the capability to jam all types of global navigation satellite systems as well as disrupt different UAV command and control communication links retained by the UAV Information links.

Valuable Advantages:

  • The navigation signal jammer is fabricated to function for all Satellite Navigation systems accessible in the current times or in near future: GPS, GPS III, GALILEO and GLONASS & COMPASS.
  • GNSS Jammer System can be advanced to function against Regional Navigation Satellite Systems also.
  • Ability to jam military-grade GPS signals: from 10KM to 150KM range.
  • Capability for blocking civilian GPS signals: from 30KM to 350KM range.

Overall, Stratign has an all-embracing range of GNSS Jammer compositions which can fulfil the required kind of protection for both stationary locations as well as in motion. The variety of jammers and their utilization can be custom-made as per the need of the customer and deployment anticipated. The modular nature makes the jammers very adaptable to needs of diverse end-users.

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