Osint Gathering

Law enforcement agencies encounter numerous challenges when investigating web-based activities of the extremists. The absolute scale of the surface web and its underground counterparts present substantial barriers. Nevertheless, LEAs & intelligence bureaus can follow inspective practices and implement technologies that address the hurdles of an online investigation.

Such investigations can support your organization expose the threats extremist groups and individuals pose within your territory. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is an important tool LEAs can use to channelize an investigation. A wealth of openly available data, from conventional print publications to today’s broad range of online media outlets can be acquired from Open-Source Intelligence Gathering.

What do we mean by Open-Source Intelligence Gathering?

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) largely refers to an intelligence-gathering technique utilized to gather and analyze publicly available data for investigative roles. It is the insight obtained from processing and examining public information sources such as social media, websites, podcasts and broadcast TV and radio.

Who uses Open-Source Intelligence Gathering?

Open-Source Intelligence methods are practiced by all categories of investigators and analysts across a variety of industries—cybersecurity operations analysts, fraud investigators, threat hunters, LEA officers, researchers, inspection journalists, and many more.

This means that OSINT practices can be applied to a wide range of use cases, especially those involving network infrastructure foot printing, malware and threat analysis, person of interest investigations, phishing attacks, and fraudulent activities.

Why Open-Source Intelligence Gathering matters to the LEA & intelligence community?

One of the biggest strengths of Open-Source Intelligence Gathering is its ability to save resources in terms of equipment and manpower. Today, OSINT software programs and tools provide the LEAs & intelligence community with similar capabilities for lesser cost than similar comparable classified collection methods. This permits the community to emphasize the saved costs on classified collection actions that are extremely specialized in nature, better at balancing cost with competences – a crucial consideration in the world of confiscation and looming public debt crises. Examples of tasks successfully completed by open-source intelligence incorporate social media analysis, commercial overhead imagery and analytics, monitoring of violation & much more.

Moreover, it’s Deep Web and Dark Web analysis feature helps in financial investigations as well. For instance, Open-Source Intelligence Gathering allows specialized government agencies to detect tax evaders, transactions in the dark web, monitor a targets social media accounts, vacations, and lifestyle that have a great value for a government investigator who may be following them for unstated income.

Open-Source Intelligence Platform from Stratign

The OSINT Platform from Stratign is an innovative cyber intelligence solution built to meet a wide range of operational needs for organizations, cyber analytic experts, banking and government agencies. The system can be mainly utilized for the whole nation’s security, business intelligence and law enforcement operations. The end-to-end social media and Open-Source Intelligence Gathering platform is the perfect solution to oversee social media, analyze Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public information into beneficial data.

Valuable features:

a) Scanning: In just a few minutes, the system has the ability to scan huge amount of data and provide the operator a full picture of the social media accounts and actions of the target.

b) Query/Search: The system can acquire any kind of input identifier, i.e., be it a mobile number or an electronic mail address to receive all the information linked with it. The solution comprises of various search possibilities based on, email, keyword, mobile no., sentences, group names etc.

c) Geo-Fencing / Location Basis Search: Our technology permits the operator to implement area searching to coordinate all activities undertaken or on-going in that geographical zone.

d) Result Visualization: Our graphic visualizers offer the control user to view search-based outcomes in a graphical layout amongst targets and actions implemented.

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