Face Recognition System

face recognition

Facial Recognition involves use of biometric software application capable of uniquely identifying or verifying a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the persons facial contours.

Facial recognition is mostly used for security purpose though there is an increasing interest in its other areas of use. It can be used for everything from surveillance to marketing.

But that’s where it gets complicated. If privacy is important to you, you probably want some control over how your personal information data is used, there are multiple methods in which facial recognition system work, but in general , they work by comparing selected facial features from given image with faces within a database.

STRATIGN has developed worlds fastest and most accurate face recognition algorithms recognized by experts and accepted by customers .

Our products address two major tasks – Security and Customer Data Enrichment. Its main application areas include public safety, banking, retails, events, access control and social network environment.

Our Facial Recognition System uses different parameters to provide in-depth results. It recognizes gender, age, occlusion, emotions and more. Our Facial Recognition Security System reduces crime in a State, City or Organizations and improves public safety by spotting the details of the targets in order to prevent atrocities. Facial Recognition is an essential aspect for companies, financial institutions, government entities and defense entities as they have investigations lined up for different people.

Face Recognition System eases the search for missing people and provides immediate identification of a person including mobile application alerts. Our Facial Recognition Security System ensures ultimate safety at crowded events, public places such as airports, railway stations, malls and other places. In shopping centres and hypermarkets, Facial Recognitions become so easy, preventing shoplifting by the fraud customers. Not just these, but Facial Recognition System assists in access control of commercial and manufacturing facilities in the periphery.

Face recognition System creates and manages a unique multichannel customer communication, enables personalized recommendation for target audience, accumulates accurate data about customer satisfaction, increases average check, descends cost on attracting new customers, tracks customer movement within retail space effectively, as well as does preference analysis for profound customer experience.

Our Face Recognition Security System finds the target in a database among millions of images in less than a second. With its enhanced online services like face and emotion recognition, it takes renders more comfortable, modern and safer to work with. The capabilities of Facial Recognition and data collection allows you to analyze customers’ behavior in hotels and casinos. Personalized advertising can be created based on the data received via video surveillance cameras. Our offline retargeting helps to identify customers with the help of social networking sites data and offers them customized products. You can create personalized photo albums for every participant of the photo! system algorithm automatically sorts out large collections of photos and delivers unforgettable impressions for every participant. The Biometric Identification delivers a higher level of security. Our Facial Recognition Security System’s prevents fraud; you can create your own database of fraudsters or loyal customers, add new people to it, work with your business partners’ similar database also lets you check a database for matches of target and confirming the identity.


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