Information warfare / Cyber warfare

Cyber Warfare System

Information Warfare (IW) 5-day Course

Information Warfare is the operation that targets or exploit information media in order to win some objectives over an adversary. It has become an important tool for collection of scientific, economic, infrastructure and defence related information from intended objects to be exploited during peace and war, without crossing any territorial limits. This five-day programme will acquaint the participants with up-to-date techniques of Information Warfare, both offensive and defensive along with hands-on exercises.

Day 1 Course

Module 1: Introduction

  • History, overview of Information Warfare, concepts importance of defensive and offensive IW in peace, war and need for a doctrine thereof.
  •  Contemporary Computer Networks.
  • Packet movement in the networks.
  • Internet and society.
  • E-governance strategy.
  • Critical Infrastructure and need for protection.

Module 2: Information Warfare-RMA, Technology dominance

  • IW – A new dimension of war, RMA, a force multiplier.
  • Role of Information in Warfare.
  • Information Technology Domination, HW, SW and Implications thereof. For Instance, Implications for Iran, Iraq and Syria, and India.
  • Cyber War Technologies, Steganography
  • Demo

Day 2 Course

Module 3: Information Warfare Operations

  • Information Operations, Psy Ops, Perception & Media Management, Social Enginerring, EW, DSS, C&C, AI etc.
  • Case Studies of recent operations
  • Objectives of Defensive and Offensive Operations
  • The Eligible Receiver Exercise
  • The Solar Sunrise Attack
  • The Moonlight Maze Attack
  • The McKinnon Case

Module 4: Defensive IW Operations

  • Defensive IW, necessity thereof at all times
  • Information Superiority
  • IW Targets
  • Threats
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Cryptology -role in defensive strategy
  • IT Act 2000 and Implications
  • Trans judicial

Day 3 Course

Module 5: Defensive Information Operations, Strategies, Secure Networking

  • Defensive Information Operations Strategies
  • Router Analysis
  • Secure Networking (GIG)
  • Information assurance, security policies
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Denial of Access, Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection, Anti-Virus
  • System and Software hardening
  • Challenge Associated with Wireless

Module 6: Defensive Information Operations, Strategies, Secure Networking

  • IW attack Case Studies (China, Kosovo, Gulf, East Timor)
  • Hands on Defensive Operations
  • Real Time Logging
  • Remote Intrusion
  • Back Tracking
  • Attack Path
  • Case Studies

Day 4 Course

Module 8: Offensive IW Operations

  • Importance of Offensive Information Operations and modus operandi
  • Inside the fence
  • Analysis of evidence
  • Seizing the signals
  • Computer Break-ins and Hacking
  • Open Sources, Viruses and Worms
  • Masquerade
  • Cyber leagues Legion and LOPHF
  • Role of Crypto Analysis
  • Demo

Module 9: Offensive Information Operations, Arming, Target Assignment

  • Arming with 10 Weapons
  • Charting the environment, mapping adversaries Cyber space
  • Acquiring Target Signature
  • Selecting attack by target profiling
  • Selecting appropriate offensive tools
  • Negotiating the environment and back tracking
  • Running the IW operations
  • Rules of engagement discussions

Day 5 Course

Module 10: Offensive IW Operations Hands-on

  • Cyber Frauds, types
  • Top Internet Scams case studies
  • Future Computer Frauds – discussion
  • Computer Forensics
  • Types of Investigations
  • Computer of Criminal, Victim

Module 11: Cyber Crime, Cyber Frauds, Computer Forensics

  • Cybercrime definition and types
  • Computer Criminals & Cyber Crime Tools
  • Responding to Cyber Crime
    • Carnivore
    • Electronic Crime Laboratories
    • Analysis of Cyber Punk Fiction, Shockwave Rider, Neuromancer

This is also designated as open day, for hands on, further interaction with faculty.

PREREQUISITE: Working knowledge of Computer Systems (Windows. Office Applications, E-mail, Internet usage), Networking and mind to explore (Knowledge of C/C++ is desirable but not a must).

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