Iridium Interception System

The Iridium Interception System is a satellite-based wireless personal communications network designed to permit any type of telephone transmission – voice, paging, facsimile or data – to reach its destination anywhere on Earth.
It revolutionized communications for business professionals, travelers, residents of rural or undeveloped areas, disaster relief teams, and others who need the features and convenience of a wireless hand-held telephone with a single worldwide number.

The rapid growth in subscriber base of iridium satellite system created the need for Satellites surveillance. Stratign came up with the solution to monitor and analyse these satellites.

The Iridium satellite constellation consists of 66 operational satellites, which are organized into six orbital planes. The satellites are in near-polar orbits at an altitude of 485-780 km above the earth. They circle the earth once every 100 minutes traveling at a rate of 27,070 kmph. Each satellite has a footprint of about 2,800 miles.

System Approach:

Iridium Interception System is a Passive interception system designed for automatic interception of iridium UPLINK and DOWNLINK. It intercepts and records the traffic channel information in real time.
The Iridium Interception System can be customized and engineered to meet the end users specific requirements and target communication media. Stratign is competent to deliver an automated state of the art Integrated Iridium Interception Platform to its users with all Sub Assemblies and Software control. They are engineered by our experienced Communication Intelligence Division.

Product Features

  • Independent reception of up to 32¬†physical channels.
  • Display of Target Location on a Digital Map.
  • Interception of Voice, SMS and Data
  • Decoding (extraction of packets, demultiplexing, descrambling, deinterlacing, removal of a convolutional code) of digital streams.
  • Processing of the received segments and commands for the purpose of identification in received streams of the beginning/ending of sessions.
  • Transcoding of voice messages in a wave format.
  • Classification of the selected sessions by types of a useful load (speech, fax messages, data transmission, symbolical messages).
  • Managing databases (DB) of the saved sessions.
  • Selection of DB sessions by plural attributes and parameters.
  • Final processing of sessions by records from a DB on the operator workstation with preparing reports.
Customized Solutions for Iridium Interception System

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