On Demand SAR-Optical Image Acquisition

High Resolution Satellite Imagery

As a partner of leading satellite imagery providers, Stratign ensures that it offers the most advanced solutions of Geospatial Information to its clientele.

The various satellites of Stratign offer the broadest multi-sensor portfolio to the clients regarding resolution, responsiveness and lastly, availability. It could task various Optical and SAR Satellites with co-ordinates provided by the clients. And in turn, offers High-Definition as well as pre-processed images, which could be used by the client to make an informed decision.

On Demand Satellite Imaging enables the clients to obtain geographic details and information over their territory, which can be customized to cater to their application needs irrespective of the industry they belong to.
Stratign is equipped with experienced professionals, who are experts in the areas of Image Processing and Analytics. They are trained enough to submit new collections for client’s area of interest and offer detailed Image Processing as per the requirement of the client.

To get a quote of your area and best quality Image Reception & Processing of Satellite, please contact Stratign’s Team.


  • On Demand High Resolution Pre Processed Satellite Images.
  • Access to Archival Data.

Customized Solutions for On Demand SAR-Optical Image Acquisition

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