OSINT (Open-Source INTelligence)

Open Source Intelligence

OSINT – Open-Source INTelligence – In simple words, Collection and correlation of Information/Data using some specific tools/techniques are referred to as open source intelligence.

Example: Asking questions on any search engine or Researching on a topic on any public forums.

Features :-

  • Instant Result: OSINT solution could achieve targeted results in seconds thereby saving tremendous time.
  • Global Reach:   Open-Source Intelligence can be accessed and employed from anywhere at any time.
  • Latest Updates: OSINT alerts you when something relevant is posted online, with its live monitoring feature
    – you can receive an alert within seconds of the original post being published.
  • Wide-Range: OSINT platforms can deliver comprehensive results by searching not only on social media platforms, but on blogs, boards, public chat rooms and even many of which are only available on dark web.
  • Well-Defined: OSINT is greatly useful for organizing surreptitious information into a definite context.
  • Validated Source: OSINT can authenticate sources promptly.
  • Uncover Targets: OSINT provides investigation tools that helps in uncovering who is behind a target data.


With the ever-increasing growth of technology, the need to collect information quickly yet specifically arises. OSINT will be an integral component in cyber intelligence. An organization with an appreciation for OSINT values and potential will be most effective in future.

Open Source Intelligence is one of the key facets of comprehending cybersecurity which dominates the world wide web these days. With accurate information from the open source, Open Source Intelligence gives one an edge over competitors and helps to rapidly investigate required details about the people/company in the limelight. Open Source Intelligence are accessible legally by the people without breaching any law or copyright issues.

The OSINT structure boosts decision making, evaluate public perceptions, forecast changes and a lot more. We are also equipped with the expertise to extract information from both, the dark web and the deep web.

OSINT Tools & Techniques

OSINT Tools and Techniques can help us gather information from the various sites in a jiffy, which when manually done can be tedious and long delayed process. Various details about the source can be gathered from the internet using OSINT Tools and Techniques.

OSINT Tools and Techniques include identifying sources of data, collecting data via robotic process automation from closed groups and forums using Avatars, target profiling, data processing, link analysis, threat analysis and reporting.

To give an overview of the Target Management flow, it encompasses details like phone number, name, social media profile, connect with Avatar, enrich profile information, send payload/phishing and collect information. While investigation workflow follows this chronology – topic of interest, create project and find content, identify key influencers or commentators, connect with Avatar, enter close group and identify targets for further investigation.

OSINT Tools & OSINT Techniques are used by government agencies and private companies too. Hence it is important to crystalize which sources are relevant and of use to the organization’s research.

OSINT Tools takes the username as a feed and searches all the websites/online platform at once and lists down all the relevant data one is looking at. So, running multiple tools together can help one to derive all the target related accurate information. Of course, there will be a lot of data; refine and filter what is important and discard the rest.

In a nutshell, Open Source Intelligence is the most common and easily available source of information. Unleash the power of OSINT at its best by capitalizing on the OSINT Tools and Techniques available with us.

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