Secure GSM

Inbuilt Secure GSM Application,

Stratign’s advanced Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (STN-ISG3G) is a versatile encryption software application designed to protect phone calls from eavesdropping. STN-ISG3G offers unparalleled level of security due to point-to-point encryption with fully secure duplex communication. The inbuilt secure GSM software also ensures high quality audio and a noise-free background.

It works as peer-to-peer to provide end-to-end security if the data network provides a global IP address; or else it can work through the ISG3G server which can be customer owned & managed and even located at the customer’s premises. Otherwise, the server can be provided at a secure location where it can be managed under Stratign’s arrangements.

With STN-ISG3G, you can enjoy encrypted text messages, voice calls, file transfers, video messages and group chats – making communication safe like never before. This GSM phone application does not involve secure calls going through third party servers which further prevent unexpected data theft from happening in the first place. All one-to-one communication audio calls are performed in point-to-point mode.

A new end-to-end key exchange is performed prior to every call. Encryption of every audio packet is done by using AES 256 in GCM mode. A Signaling server is deployed for purpose of call signaling – informing other party about an incoming call. End-to-end encryption of audio packets prevents the Signaling server to decrypt audio data even if the server gets to intercept the P2P UDP traffic between two clients.

STN-ISG3G Highlighted Features –

Unlike a conventional GSM Encryption Software, our Inbuilt Secure GSM Application STN-ISG3G comes packed with following remarkable features –

  • Fully secure duplex communication
  • Point-to-point Encrypted Voice Calls with HD audio
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • System support and works on the iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8+, X or any Android device with OS4 and higher
  • Only signed, pre-checked apps allowed, unsigned apps installation fully disabled
  • Full verified boot, covering all firmware and OS partitions
  • Backported security, regular updates (patching) to address new threats
  • Securely calling worldwide without incurring international call tariff
  • Easy to operate due to the intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Uninterrupted call conversation due to a clean and noise-free sound combined with a quick and stable connection
  • Communication server can be provided to customer for full control of encryption and user database management 

Why Stratign Secure GSM Phone Software?

The Inbuilt Secure GSM Application effectively closes all security gaps and is a must-have due to following reasons –

  • No 3rd party services ensuring complete control. We have even made our own push notification service in order to provide customers with complete control.
  • All server components, call establishment, key/certificate management services belong to the customer.
  • Protection from viruses and Trojans, provided by hardened OS/firmware
  • The Inbuilt Secure Application maintains communication safe due to following reasons:
  • Calls are done via an encrypted binary protocol which looks like a VPN connection for network providers
  • It registers in network as an ordinary smartphone

Our Additional Services –

  • 24×7 customer service to handle software related issues
  • A dedicated team in charge for the post-sales support.
  • Excellent training services aiming to give best comfort to the operator so that they can utilize the system to its optimum level.


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