Voice Forensics System

Voice Print Analysis

Stratign’s Voice Print Analysis (VPA) is a speech analysis system intended for use by any law enforcement and intelligence agency. VPA is capable of analyzing audio files for Speech/Non-speech detection, Language identification and Speaker identification. The Stratign’s VPA concept is based on Client/server architecture and is language agnostic.

Features :-

  • Speaker Identification in signal under analysis from the database of speaker voice samples.
  • Multiple language identification from a known database of languages.
  • Easy addition of languages and speakers.
  • Keyword spotting.
  • Gender detection.
  • Emotion detection capability.
  • Age detection.
  • Multi-parallel processing supported.
  • Application of standard software in order to participate in further development.
  • Scalable and Flexible interfaces for the integration of classifiers.
  • Communication via TCP/IP.
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