Quadcopter is a state-of-the-art unmanned system designed for demanding security and surveillance applications.

STN-UAV TacD2 is an advanced unmanned system that provides real-time day and night video stream via Ground Control Station. STN-UAV TacD2 offer long endurance and are light in weight, hence, making it a cost-efficient solution. The special frame configuration is ideal for quick deployment and turnaround time as well as for covert surveillance and high payload stability.
The Ground control systems consists of an integrated Panasonic or Getac computer/tablet and a customized radio module with standalone power supply.
The quadcopter is equipped with EO/IR stabilized camera with a high resolution thermal image, 40x visual zoom, object tracking, recognition and geolocation. Dual EO/IR stabilized camera with a mere weight of 115 grams offering unparalleled long range observation capability.

System Features

30 Seconds Post Take-off Check / Warning
The system will check the voltage drop, if the volt drops exceeded 1.3V. The pilot will receive a warning of the voltage drop so he must keep track of the volt measurements during the flight.
Wing Speed Check / Warning
The system will warn the operator if the wind speed is going beyond 10 m/s, indicating a strong wind. In addition, it will also give a warning against strong wind gusts that it measures.
Flight Modes
AUTO: Take-off and start/continue missions.
LOITER: Free flight or position hold.
RTL: Return to launch.
FLYTO: Auto mission to POI-waypoint with defined GS and AGL.
POI: Lock UAV heading towards POI to orbit around it.
ALT HOLD: Free flight mode without GNSS – altitude hold.
DRL LOITER: Free flight mode without GNSS – calculated position hold.
DRL: Return to launch without GNSS – calculated flight path.
LAND: Land at current location.
Pre - Arm Checks
The Flight Planner software includes a range of pre-arm safety checks. This prevents the UAV from arming the motors if any issues are discovered after the system is powered on (before take-off).
Issues can occur due to a failed calibration, configuration or bad sensor data. These checks help prevent crashes and loss of control over the system.
The pilot will be unable to arm and launch the UAV, and a warning will pop up in the “Report” section of the telemetry window in the Planner software.
Battery Discharge Check
During the flight, the system will frequently check if the battery discharge is regular in comparison to the nominal discharge. If there is a deviation of 5% – the software will warn the operator, and the BINGO will be changed accordingly.
Bingo Time
The Bingo parameter keeps the mission safe and calculates the remaining mission time every minute, allowing the pilot to fully focus on the mission, ensuring a timely flight back to the home point.


Frame Size49(L) x 49(W) x 26(H) cm
Without battery 1.6kg
With battery 3kg
Max payload weight 1kg
Max take-off weight 4kg
Operational Temperature
-20 to +50°C

IP Rating
Day / Night
Max Flight Time

85 mins (depends on payload)
Altitude Limits
AGL – 500m
AMSL – 3500m
Ascent speed - 2 m/s
Descent speed - 2.5 m/s
Wind speed limit - 25 knots
Max airspeed - 40 knots
Cruising speed - 10 m/s
Max speed (ALT HOLD) - 20 m/s

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