Roadside Bomb Jammer

Roadside Bomb Jamming System

To protect the military, the VIP teams and some important places from the attacks waged through Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) is becoming a global challenge and tremendous task in security fields.

When a convoy with various dignitaries and vehicles move overland, it simply can turn out to be a target for radio-controlled bombs. Due to the high-travel speed, it is imperative to get rid of unseen traps in time. Therefore, Stratign’s Roadside Bomb Jammer System is an ideal companion for VIPs and military convoys.

What is a Roadside Bomb Jammer?

A Roadside Bomb Jammer is built for VIP’s security against threats of probable terroristic acts, for police and disposal services executing search and diffusion of remote-controlled explosive devices, convoys protection etc. Roadside Bomb Jammer, being a type of Vehicular Jammer is used for radio signal jamming. Moreover, the vehicle and the passengers will be effectually safeguarded from the RCIED threats by using a reliable IED jamming system set up in the trunk and the antennas mounted on the roof.

Vehicle Mounted RCIED Bomb Jammers from Stratign

Implementing the most operative and dependable RF jamming technology, Stratign’s High Power DDS Vehicular Jamming System is equipped with a fully integrated broadband jamming system. The Vehicular Roadside Bomb Jammer is generally used for convoy defense or protection of designated area for military/police deployment at extensive public get-togethers, anti-government clashes, protests, rallies, riots etc. The customer may select any Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) such as Toyota Land Cruiser for mounting of the Roadside Bomb Jammer system.

The IED Jamming System is powered by a dedicated power supply cohesive within the vehicle. The system features an integrated forced air-cooling system which makes sure that there is no interruption at the time of operation in any climate. A set of high-gain, omnidirectional antenna is installed on the roof of the automobile. System management, incorporating activation, operation and band control, is performed utilizing a remote-control unit mounted inside the vehicle. Stratign’s Roadside Bomb Jammer System can cover, together & constantly, all the RF communication Frequencies from 20MHz to 3600MHz (Optionally up to 6000MHz) which are most utilized by terrorists to ignite RCIED. The system utilizes the modern DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) jamming technology.

The system presents ultra-high RF transmission power of 1300 watts making a bigger shielding range around the vehicle. Apart from the setting up the convoy protection device itself, the vehicle is tailored with exclusive RF protection for complete security of the driver and passengers.

Other Beneficial Features:

  • Operators can choose the working frequency bands and output power of each module via the system software.
  • System can function from either battery or generator system.
  • System operation can be operated from the driver’s console unit.
  • Each module can be distinctly set ON/OFF.
  • Plug and Play design enables convenient upgradation and maintenance. Defect in any module will not affect the normal function of other modules.
  • Mil-spec standard casing, shockproof and drop-resistant, available for the automobile operations in a worst field environment.

Thus, Stratign’s modern & advanced Vehicular Roadside Bomb Jammer System offers an ultra-efficient, mobile multi-band jamming solution, built and developed particularly for installation within any suitable automobile.

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