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Face Recognition Access Control System

Authentication plays a crucial role in uplifting an organization’s security posture. It helps enable an organization to provide its systems a secure access by permitting only authenticated users (or processes) to access the protected resources, such as computer systems, networks, databases, internet sites and other network-oriented apps or services.

Facial Recognition is an imperative aspect for the identification of faces, which provides a harmonizing structure of the face that is not observed in the frontal view. Many of the existing profile or facial recognition algorithms depend on the accurate identification of fiducial points and the objective of relationships among these main points.

What is biometric security?

Biometric security is a protection mechanism utilized to authenticate and offer secure access to a facility or system based on the automatic and immediate verification of a person’s physical characteristics. Because biometric security evaluates an individual’s bodily elements or biological data, it is the strongest and most foolproof physical security technique used for identity verification which is beneficial in terms of secure access control too.

One such method of biometric security is Facial Recognition. Biometric facial recognition is now one of the most demanded identification solutions for both online and offline identity verification.

Facial Biometrics System: How secure is it?

Facial biometrics system has been utilized as a measure of securities in the top-level organizations and workplaces to make sure that there isn’t any scope of sabotage. It can be used for everything from investigation to marketing.

This type of software leaves unquestionably no room for human-error and is an absolute helping hand. Just via a bundle of algorithms, the software carries out geometric and photometric identification within seconds.

The facial biometrics system has emerged as the master of all recognition software due to its easy applicability, secure access ability and low-cost technology. Its non-contact nature is the valuable thing about it in a manner that an individual, even in a crowded place can be identified via face recognition, given that the images are stored in the database.

When it comes to secure access, facial recognition makes access to information more limited and restricted to those who own it.

Facial recognition has made verification reasonably easier, with not much to prepare and a lot of data to access within few minutes.

Stratign’s Face Authentication Systems

Facial Biometrics have been immensely beneficial in providing secure access control and protected environments. The Face Authentication Solutions at Stratign, not only emphasizes on an individual’s face-based dimensions but also delivers signal when the faces do not harmonize. Keeping in view one’s image as a stowage for a centralized server, our Face Authentication Systems can identify the same image encountered across several cameras. With the usage of appropriate face recognition biometric software & pattern analyzing skills, our Face Authentication Biometrics target to amplify protection parameters for public security and distinct businesses/services.

We have constructed and built the fastest and accurate Face Authentication Systems that offers secure access and functions cost-effectively on IP cameras, smartphones and body-worn devices, addressing 2 vital concerns: Security and Customer Data Enrichment.

Stratign’s Face Recognition Biometrics provide top-quality protection across the govt-based entities, defense sectors, corporate segments & banking departments.

Beneficial features of Face Recognition System/Facial Biometrics

  • Reduces crime in State, City or Establishments and increases public safety
  • Recognizes the specifications of targets and counteract any outrages
  • Searches for missing people
  • Safeguards spaces like Airports, Malls, Railway stations or any other infrastructure or Transportation. In addition, it supports separate identification and flight enrolment with no need to display documents.
  • Foster & coordinate a diverse multi-channel customer communication
  • Profound customer experience and preferences analysis
  • Creating tailorized recommendations on the basis of customers information
  • Enables personalized recommendation for target audience
  • Accurate data about customer satisfaction
  • Increasing average check
  • Decreasing cost on attracting new customers
  • Tracking Customers Movement within retail space
  • Silhouette Recognition – To collect real-time information on human silhouettes, you first should facilitate silhouette detection.
  • Person Identification & Clusterization – Cluster faces into individual entity and classifies it as a person.
  • Face mask detection.
  • Augmented Live view with instant identification of face interlinked with each camera.

In conclusion, the correct usage of face recognition system can help safeguard the public and improve national security on several fronts. It can do a lot more to provide secure access and enhance security in the future – from street crime to security at airports, all the way through to support those combatting addictions, technology has the capability to take operations & protection to bigger heights.

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