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Salus Secure Communications

Majority of the top Government & Military officials or corporate owners in the present socio-economic scenario, require to have Secure Communications to discuss classified data. Though there are many platforms available which permits you to make secure calls, all these calls are initiated and/or going through the third-party servers (solution providers such as Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.). This can work as a single point of attack permitting to steal the data of hundreds of millions of users, via a single shot.

Know about Stratign’s best armor for providing Secure Communications.

Secure communications can be ensured via Stratign’s SALUS Secure Phone that offers protection and privacy by encrypting voice over IP calls via ZRTP. Also, it holds the capability to run on any network, including 2G GSM, 3G UMTS-CDMA and LTE. Moreover, it delivers end-to-end messaging encryption, on the basis of AES256 message encryption with 256-bit key length, and RSA 2048.

Understanding the need for Secure Communications: How our SALUS Phone can help?

Stratign’s SALUS is the world’s most Secure Phone for organizations. This top-notch smartphone is developed by factory modification of hardware to offer you the maximum defense against cellphone Cyber Crime. The Secure Phone runs a purpose-built security-rich OS, fused command-and-control application, in-built Secure Communications, and multiple protection and performance assurance utilities. These components form the Mobile Security platform and protects you from eavesdropping, malware, data breaches and any attempts to hack or tamper with your mobile communications and data. It enables you to establish and enforce a best-of-all-worlds mobile device security and compliance framework to match your specific enterprise mobile communication security requirements.

The Salus Secure Phone, as told above, runs on a custom-built operating system enhanced to address mobile security concerns facing enterprises today. When it comes to sustaining Secure Communications, the Android-like tailorized OS is built from the ground up to provide in-depth protection against cyber-attacks by blocking the security breaches found in commercial operating systems. The customized Operating System is free of bloatware, hooks to carriers, and leaky information.

Beneficial Features and Specifications of the Secure Phone Solution:

  • Holistic, best of-all-worlds mobile security platform.
  • Protection against IMSI Catcher / Wi-Fi Catcher.
  • Emergency Destruction in case of device compromise.
  • Provides security and privacy by encrypting voice over IP calls through ZRTP.
  • Hardware of trust, secure boot loader, and official drivers
  • Highly certified architecture with no / hybrid Google services.
  • Fused central intelligent and progressive defense controls throughout devices.
  • Centralized user groups and policies management console.
  • Protected against any installation of Spyware, Trojans, Malwares, Ransomware and Phishing softwares.
  • Military grade security offers end-to-end messaging encryption, based on AES256 message encryption with 256-bit key length, and RSA 2048.
  • Cellphone communications archiving for both voice calls and texts.
  • Fused governance and control application ensures the safe use of corporate devices via configurable security profiles.
  • Flexible Deployment Options either as a hosted solution to reduce operating costs or as an on-premises deployment to provide complete control by the customer.
  • Highly Protected & Encrypted Data Storage makes sure that the data stored on the device is only accessed by the users who enter the passcode/PIN.
  • Recognizes behavior-based anomaly throughout Wi-Fi connectivity, cell tower connectivity, and in applications to identify evasive attacks.
  • Built-in phone book allows secret identity for users along with a flexible definition of user exposure policies across organizational groups.
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