Secure voice communication

Secure Voice Communications

With developments in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology, communication has become possible to almost every point in the world without the need of a wired connection. Since telephone speeches can have content in each area of life, including personal information to state information that needs to be secretive and kept confidential – For this reason, the security of GSM communication is particularly important. To provide security of communication, the cell phone signals are encrypted using A5/1, A5/2 and A5/3 encryption algorithms due to which interception of these communications require special decryption devices. However, there are many companies supplying cell phone interception devices with decryption capabilities.

So, it is clear that in the presence of a cell phone interceptor, your cell phone communications are not secure. This is where Stratign’s Secure voice communication system help by adding another layer of encryption prior to its entry towards the GSM network.

How does Secure Voice Communication operate?

A GSM system ensures confidentiality of the subscriber’s identity, subscriber authentication as well as confidentiality of user traffic and signaling. The ciphering algorithms utilized in GSM have evidenced to be valuable in ensuring traffic confidentiality. For secure voice communication, speech could be transmitted by using the GSM data channel after adding an additional encryption layer to it.

Secure Voice Communication via Stratign’s Secure GSM Solution

Stratign’s progressive Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (STN-ISG3G) is a versatile encryption software application constructed to shield phone calls from eavesdropping. STN-ISG3G provides unmatched level of security due to point-to-point encryption with a completely protected duplex communication. The inbuilt secure GSM software also makes sure top-quality audio and a soundless background.

With Stratign’s secure voice communication solution STN-ISG3G, one can enjoy encrypted text messages, voice calls, file transfers, video messages and group chats – making communication safe like never before. This GSM phone application doesn’t entangle secure calls going via 3rd party servers which prevent unforeseen data theft ahead from occurring in the first place. All 1 to 1 communication audio calls are executed in point-to-point mode.

A novel end-to-end key exchange is carried out before every call. Encryption of every audio packet is undertaken by utilizing AES 256 in GCM mode. A Signaling server is deployed for the objective of call signaling – updating other party regarding an incoming call. End-to-end encryption of audio packets inhibits the Signaling server to decode audio information even if the server gets to capture the P2P UDP traffic betwixt the 2 clients.

Advantageous features of the solution

Unlike a conventional GSM Encryption Software, our Inbuilt Secure GSM Application STN-ISG3G comes packed with following remarkable features that permit to secure voice communication:

  • Fully secure duplex communication
  • End-to-End Encrypted Voice Calls with HD audio
  • Encrypted SMS and file transfer.
  • System assistance and operates on the iPhone 5C/ 5S/ 6/ 6+/ 6S/ 6S+/ 7/ 7+/ 8+/ X or any Android device with OS4 and higher.
  • Only signed, pre-checked applications permitted, the installation of the unsigned applications are completely disabled.
  • Full verified boot, involving all firmware and OS partitions.
  • Backported protection, regular updates (patching) to tackle new threats.
  • Securely calling all over the world without encountering international call tariff.
  • Convenient to operate due to the interface: intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Call conversation are not interrupted due to a clear and noise-free sound combined with a fast and stable connection.
  • Communication server can be offered to customer for complete control of encryption and user database management.
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