SS7 Based Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Did you know that there is a protocol suite that is employed globally, across telecommunications networks, to provide signaling? It is a secretive, “behind the scenes,” packet-switched network platform, as well as a service one. Being a signaling protocol, it offers the mechanisms to permit the telecommunication network elements to exchange control data. It’s called Signaling System No. 7 (SS7), a protocol that has been and persists to be a prime enabler of novel telecommunication services.

Also, this SS7 Based Location Tracking network trails the cellular subscriber to permit delivery of the call, as well as allow a call that is currently in progress to stay connected, despite the subscriber being on the move.

Getting deeper: What does SS7 in location tracking mean?

Within the concept of SS7 Based Location Tracking, Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) is known as one of the backend protocols in mobile communication primarily utilized for generating the roaming interconnectivity throughout 2G/GSM mobile network operators. Besides roaming, SS7 has enabled a wide range of facilities such as Short Message Services (SMS), toll-free numbers, televoting and Local Number Portability (LNP). It was built during the time when mobile network operators used to be the trusted network of government-owned organizations and the security of the whole network were provided by denying access to external entities.

When it comes to SS7 Based Location Tracking, an attacker with SS7 access can trace the location of the mobile phone users simply by having their cell number. The precision of the tracked location varies on the cellular service process and the main network element inquired by the attacker.

Stratign’s Monitoring Centre (STN-MC): Lawful Interception via SS7 Based Location Tracking

The LI system solution from Stratign is a switch-based Lawful Interception System which hold the capability of monitoring targeted communications from Telecom Switches. In addition to nationwide phone interception capability, this solution can intercept all communications (mobile and fixed line) which are going via the telecom switches. The system is also capable of SS7 Based Location Tracking and displays real time location of targets on the associated digital map.

When taking SS7 Based Location Tracking into consideration, approximately all countries have lawful interception or efficient requirements and have implemented them utilizing world-wide LI requirements and standards constructed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), for wireline/Internet, wireless, cable systems and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), respectively. In the USA, the equivalent requirements are facilitated by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), with the certain capabilities disseminated cooperatively by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice.

The Stratign Monitoring Centre (STN-MC) is a turnkey solution for intercepting, processing, decoding distribution and presentation of monitored data of targets from circuit switched networks. (For example, mobile and fixed telephony) as well as for packet switched networks (For instance, internet & email) and is utilized by LEA and/or intelligence agencies. The STN MC is compliant with the latest ETSI and/or CALEA specifications for the Lawful Interception System but can also support country specific L.I. handover protocols.

Generic System Features

  • Hassle free implementation and easy-to-use.
  • Available in multiport options for multiple E1.
  • Scalable across technology and product environment.
  • 8 TB Buffering Capacities (Can be increased as per the user requirement).
  • Logging of incoming calls with specifications such as time, duration, date, CLI, etc.
  • Logging of outgoing calls with date, time, duration and number dialed.
  • Date and time of every attempt of making an outgoing call (irrespective if the
  • call is connected or not).
  • Stereo documenting of caller and called for digital lines via recording.
  • Provision for employing real-time monitoring of voice communications.
  • Advantage of search in reports based on caller-id, duration of the call, time etc.
  • Solution for all Circuit Switched and Packet Switch communication Networks.
  • Scalable distributed architecture offers Central Monitoring Centres and Remote Monitoring Centres for nationwide deployment.
  • GIS & SS7 Based Location Tracking system displays real time location of targets.
  • Compliant to Global Standards like ETSI, CALEA and country specific standards.
  • Recordings can be explored via date and time, TMSI, EMSI etc.
  • Case-based Target Administration.

Overall, Stratign’s Lawful Interception Solution which is capable of SS7 Based Location Tracking are compliant to global regulations making it a cost-friendly solution compared to other vendors in the market. Our Lawful intercept solutions support capturing of VoIP traffic which considerably support LEA to oversee the voice communication from various VoIP applications.

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