Osint Threat Analysis

We are existing in a world where any no. of cyber threats can bring an establishment to its knees, and it can be terrifying. Since last few years, Threat Analysis through intelligence gathering has become a novel buzzword in cybersecurity. Hence, gathering and processing intelligence available from the open domain (OSINT) is turning to be a quintessential tactic for attaining cybersecurity threat awareness. The discussion in this article is related to Threat Analysis based on the information gathered from the social media’s open domains.

What is Threat Analysis?

Threat Analysis in the context of this article is the practice of evaluating cyber activities and behavioral patterns of people over the social media platforms, chat applications, podcasts, etc. to discern any threat to the society or nation. The main goal of Threat Analysis is to generate findings utilized to aid in initialization or support of counter-intelligence investigations.

How OSINT & social media can be valuable for threat intelligence gathering and evaluation?

Social media permits users and establishments to communicate and share information. For security analysts, it could be more than mere a networking tool. The vast volume of data on social media requires security professionals to sift through the data and identify suspicious activities and reduce the lifecycle of threats. It can also be an added source of valuable information for evaluation on matters from vulnerabilities, exploits, and malware to threat actors and anomalous cyber activities.

Hence, when carrying out threat analysis on social media’s open domains, it is vital to employ the right tools and resources. For example, Stratign’s OSINT platform allows you to monitor your chosen social media channels continuously and set up tailored live streams and customized filters to help user identify unlawful activities from the noise of online chatter. To further refine the data gathered through Stratign, you can run things through our sentiment analysis tool as well.

Let’s have a look at further valuable possibilities that OSINT presents.

a) Tapping on Advanced Technology via OSINT: By using advanced threat intelligence solutions like OSINT, an analyst can gather, sort, and categorize activities by relevance and swiftly put proactive controls in place. A combination of AI, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and string-matching algorithms can be used across multiple languages to contextualize data and analyze threats.

b) Dark Web Analysis via OSINT: Cybercriminals don’t operate out in the open. A solid OSINT Platform can scour the dark web for suspicious behavior, examining Tor sites, hacker forums, paste sites, and anywhere else a hacker might lurk.

c) Corporate Assets Protection via OSINT: Through OSINT, real-time analysis can be obtained with regards to communications exchanged on the open web sources and social networks related to an event of interest in order to prevent propaganda attacks and protest actions against companies and organizations.

Is the Threat Analysis derived from social media helpful?

When any information is properly gathered from social media or openly available web data, ensuring privacy protection, validity, and reliability, the answer is yes — intelligence derived from social media can be extremely valuable. Information collected from social media, like all other data, requires to run through the processing and analysis stages of the Threat Analysis lifecycle before generating actionable results.

Once these stages are accomplished, the resulting intelligence can be utilized by decision makers to lead plans for threat prevention, mitigation, and retrieval.

Open-Source Intelligence Platform from Stratign

The OSINT Platform from Stratign is an innovative cyber intelligence solution constructed to meet a broad range of functional requirements for organizations, cyber analytic experts, banking and government agencies. The system is primarily used for the entire nation’s protection, business intelligence and law enforcement operations. The end-to-end social media and Open-Source Intelligence platform is the right solution to monitor social media, evaluate Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public data into valuable information. A valuable monitoring approach to analyze the threats & fight the crime.

Prime Features:

a) Scanning: In just a few minutes, the system is able to scan huge amount of information and provide the operator a full picture of the social media accounts and actions of the target.

b) Query/Search: The system can acquire any kind of input identifier, i.e., be it a mobile number or an electronic mail address to receive all the information linked with it. The solution comprises of various search possibilities based on, email, keyword, mobile no., sentences, group names etc.

c) Geo-Fencing / Location Basis Search: Our technology allows the operator to carry out area searching to manage all activities undertaken or on-going in that geographical zone.

d) Result Visualization: Our graphic visualizers offer the control user to view search-based outcomes in a graphical layout amongst targets and actions implemented.

Therefore, in an ever-fluctuating threat landscape, security professionals may find themselves swamped by a sea of information and as a result lose sight of risks or vulnerabilities that they require to prioritize. Data from social media should also have a lifecycle, from processing and analysis to implementation of context and validation. This transforms raw information into actionable intelligence that can support towards making informed decisions — examining the threat, blocking an intrusion, increasing security controls, and investing in additional cybersecurity resources, useful for Threat Analysis.

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