Troop Protection

convoy protection jammer

Serving the nation is one of the biggest commitments that one makes to ensure that others around live a peaceful life. In such a scenario where these troops prioritize the nation’s security, Stratign takes the onus to protect and empower them with state-of-the-art jamming solutions alongside providing other sector-specific security products. Stratign has devised a set of IED jammers for Troop Protection.

These are portable jammers that make it convenient for military personnel to relentlessly work towards the betterment of the nation by being equipped with the needed jammers. Stratign’s specialized Improvised Explosive Device Jammers has just raised the security bar for Troop Protection.

How does IED Jammers work?

The primary role of jammers is to jam the radio signals, as the name suggests. It prevents the radio signals from triggering the detonation using the remote controlled IED.

There are numerous types of IED jammers that specialize in different arenas.

Vehicular Jammer

Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) have become a more common threat to military personnel/VIPs and needs a reliable deterrent. Troop Protection and safety for those involved in VIP protection or bomb disposal is of paramount importance for national security. With advancement in digital technology, the terrorists and antinational elements are increasingly using cellular phones or digital radios for detonation of IEDs. In such a scenario, Stratign’s STN-VJ series plays a vital role in extending protection to convoys against remotely operated IEDs. Stratign has developed a vehicle mountable signal jammer which can effectively operate up to a range of 300m radius. The product being highly modular can be configured in multiple number of bands focusing on the threat signals or can cover the continuous band from 20-6000 MHz. The product can be easily mounted in a vehicle with roof mounted antennas and can operate while on the move, ensuring maximum Troop Protection.

What vehicular jammer does:

Designed with ultra-broadband frequency bands, 20-6000MHz, it has integrated active cooling system that allows continuous operation of the system. Our Troop Protection system can operate from battery/generator and is highly effective against common RF signals. System operation can be performed from the driver’s console unit.

The system features ultra-high RF transmission power (Optionally up to 3000 watts), making a bigger shielding range around the vehicle. Apart from the troop protection installation, Stratign also integrates exclusive RF protection for complete security of those inside the vehicle.

Man-Portable/Backpack Jammer

STN-BJ, Backpack Jamming System, is designed using best-in-class technology to ensure most effective jamming and are equipped with fully integrated broadband jamming system for ultimate Troop Protection. STN-BJ is highly portable, light weight and most suited for backpack operations. It can also be mounted on a vehicle to provide convoy protection or in pelican type casing for easy portability, based on the customer requirement. The system can be effective against RCIEDs operating in the frequency range of 20-6000MHz and can be configured to the specific frequency bands as desired by the customer with a maximum power output of 50w per band. The design of the jammer offers great flexibility for rapid field deployment on both mobile and fixed platforms.

What Man-Portable/Backpack Jammer does:

It is designed to meet all the military requirements including swift deployment of the jammer. It helps the troops to combat difficult times and be prepared against receiving devices which could be used to detonate explosives remotely. Based on the customers’ requirement the jammer can be factory configured to operate in a frequency band of 20MHz – 6000MHz.

Other jamming solutions from Stratign include Drone Jammer, GNSS Jammer, Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer, Prison Jammer, Satellite Jammer and Radio Jammer. All these solutions are high on technology and ensure security when needed the most.
Stratign’s IED Jamming Solutions are a perfect match for Troop Protection across the world. It is safe, easy, hassle-free and above all, ensures military personnel’s safety who work day and night to provide us a better world to live in.

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