Communication Interception

Stratign intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) products and programs (Sensors, Platforms, Systems and Services) are designed and developed for our Intelligence customer to provide them with automated signal acquisition and intelligent processing. Stratign has considerable years of experience providing mission-critical systems that contribute to some of the most significant advances in intelligence collection and decoding technology for military and defence customers. Stratign solutions for Communication Surveillance and Intelligence include communication intercept and collection systems, signal analysis and processing tools and high end stand alone decoding and demodulation systems which can be integrated into your existing intelligence systems. Our defense-based capabilities extend way beyond communication interception into areas like communication jamming that aims at restricting communications using advanced products like Anti-Drone Jammer, Prison Jammer, RCIED Jammers, Communication Jammers and GPS Jammers. Stratign also deals in Communication Security solutions like Secure GSM as well as Cyber defense and Imaging solutions.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite Interception System

In recent times, the combination of advanced and modern technological developments has contributed towards a China-led world which provides a definitive competitive edge. After more than 2 decades of effort, China recently accomplished its satellite navigation system when the ultimate of BeiDou’s 35 satellites reached the geo-stationary orbit. China's locally

BTS Hunter

An international mobile subscriber identity-catcher, or IMSI-catcher, is a telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking location data of mobile phone users. IMSI-Catchers allow adversaries to intercept your conversations, text messages, and data. They can be used to determine your location or to find out who

Wi-Fi Interception System

Wi-Fi interception system designed for the law enforcement and security officers to collect Wi-Fi packet, chat conversation and IP telephony from all 802.11x channel in stealth mode. Wi-Fi Interception System has 15 wireless cards, a GPS, one external antenna connector and support for host-swappable disks. Data from all 14 channels

CDMA Interception System

Multi-Channel CDMA Interception System is a compact, innovative, state-of-the-art CDMA interception system, which can monitor and log CDMA communications in real time. The CDMA interception system is available in different configurations based on the number of channels that has to be monitored simultaneously. All the linked systems can be configured

Satellite Interception System

In today’s challenging security environment, Governments need to monitor conversations, fax and email messages and other data transmitted across satellite networks for national and international communications. Whilst most satellite communications are perfectly legitimate, the extensive geographical coverage provided by satellite communications networks means they are favored by subversive groups in

VSAT Interception System

VSAT Interception System Stratign’s VSAT Monitoring System (STN-VMS) intercepts inroute and outroute traffic through VSAT networks that operate on VSAT modems like iDirect, Gilat and Hughes. STN-VMS allows surveillance of private VSAT network falling well within the satellite coverage area. System’s main components comprise wideband multi-channel demodulator, narrowband multi-channel demodulator,

ISAT Interception System

Tactical ISAT Interception System is designed to intercepts ISAT Phone traffic (Voice, Fax and SMS) from AceS, Isat Phone, and ISAT Phone. The system provides duplex call by interception both Uplink and Downlink at L-band. Tactical ISAT Interception System consists of two directional antennae, one for downlink (reception of the

Iridium Interception System

The Iridium Interception System is a satellite-based wireless personal communications network designed to permit any type of telephone transmission - voice, paging, facsimile or data - to reach its destination anywhere on Earth. It revolutionized communications for business professionals, travelers, residents of rural or undeveloped areas, disaster relief teams, and

Thuraya interception system

Thuraya Monitoring system 1. Introduction The demand for secure reliable communication is on a constant increase in the Defense Industry.It’s a fact that, during an environmental and technology crisis, global networks become unpredictable due to the destruction and gridlocks. In those situations, satellite communications are more consistent than the global

GSM Interception system

GSM networks are most popular and widespread wireless communication media across the world, having a wide customer base in Europe and Asia-Pacific and command more than 50 percent of mobile customers. The advancement of GSM technology, enhanced technological features and increased complexity in GSM interception systems, presents competitive environment for Stratign

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