Communication Security

Stratign’s technically-advanced communication security solutions enable defense & intelligence organizations facilitate extremely smooth & secure communication over a network. Our massive experience in developing innovative defense technology solutions reflects in our offered communication security products like the secure GSM software. The versatile software allows fully secure duplex communication with point-to-point encryption, thereby closing all security voids efficiently. Stratign banks upon the proficiency of its communication intelligence team to design & develop communication security products based on innovative encryption technology. All our communication security solutions come backed with 24x7 customer services availability that allows our esteemed defense & intelligence industry clients to derive instant solutions to any technical glitches that may occur. Moreover, complete training is provided to enable clients get acquainted with the functionality of the proposed communication security solution. Securing phone communications is one of the core capabilities of Stratign. Apart from that, we also provide Communication Interception solutions like GSM Interception System, CDMA Interception System, Thuraya Interception System etc., and Communication Jamming solutions like Anti-Drone Jammer, RCIED Jammers, Prison Jammers and more to meet requirements of global clients. Cyber Defense and Imaging are some other defense solutions we have on offer.

Secure GSM

Stratign’s advanced Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (STN-ISG3G) is a versatile encryption software application designed to protect phone calls from eavesdropping. STN-ISG3G offers unparalleled level of security due to point-to-point encryption with fully secure duplex communication. The inbuilt secure GSM software also ensures high quality audio and a noise-free background. It

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