Cyber Defense Solutions

Stratign’s Cyber Security Defense Services offer a complete solution with end-to-end security to protect sensitive information and ensure network security. Our aim is to protect your control systems by creating a secure cyber perimeter so that operations are not interrupted or impacted by cyber-attacks. At Stratign, we offer the most comprehensive cross-domain solutions and network security solutions as part of our Cyber Defense solutions. Our team is fully equipped with the know-how and expertise to strengthen your organization's internal cybersecurity capabilities besides completely safeguarding your mission-critical defense information systems. Our cyber defense technology experts fully ensure that our solutions enable you stay relieved of any sort of data threats or malicious intrusions. While our cyber defense solutions are aimed at securing your infrastructure & information from security threats, our Communication Security solution like Secure GSM maintains your phone communications optimally safe. Stratign even operates in areas of Communication Interception with solutions like GSM Interception System, CDMA Interception System etc., and Communication Jamming with technically advanced products like Anti-Drone Jammer, Prison Jammer, and GPS Jammers.

Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense As more business-critical functions rely on information systems and the internet, enterprises are increasingly exposed to cyber threats that can disrupt operations or compromise sensitive information. Effective cyber preparedness is about more than technology – it also requires the right processes and people to protect data from attacks

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