Electronic Warfare / Communication Jamming

The term communications Jamming is electronic jamming that is directed against communications circuits and systems. COMJAM is used to prevent radio communications by the use of electromagnetic signals, i.e. the deliberate radiation, re-radiation, or reflection of electromagnetic energy with objective of imparing the effective use of electonic communications systems. The aim of communication jamming is to prevent communications by electromagnetic means, or at least to degrade communications sufficiently to cause delays in transmission and reception. Besides the top-notch Communication Jamming products, Stratign also deals in Communication Interception solutions like GSM Interception System, CDMA Interception System, Thuraya Interception System, Iridium Interception System, Satellite Interception System, Wi-Fi Interception System and ISAT Interception System. We also offer Communication Security solutions like Secure GSM.


Majority of people are familiar with GPS. The Global Positioning System has probably protected you from getting lost in an unknown place as well. Often, the terms "GNSS" and "GPS" are used interchangeably but there are certain differences between the two. GPS is a type of GNSS. GNSS is a

Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer STN-ICJ3000

Introduction Unauthorised cellular phone conversations at sensitive places like Prisons, Court Houses, Military Facilities etc. is a serious threat to security. In most prisons, inmates are forbidden from possessing mobile phones. Mobile phones are one of the most smuggled items into prisons. They provide inmates the ability to make and

Drone Jammer

Drone Jammer These days, drones have the capability of spying, documenting and broadcasting unauthorized videos. They can also transport explosives, illegal commodities and other products; and even commit terrorist attacks, assassination of VIP and more. Hence, UAV Quadcopters and Drones are becoming a nuisance and can compromise your privacy as

Prison Jammer

Prisons are one of the most protected places but there are always cases of inmates smuggling and using mobile phones inside the compound. They provide the ability to make and receive unauthorized phone calls, send emails and also exchange information about criminal activities and breakouts. Mobile phones are a major

RCIED Jammers

The jammers consist a different number of transmitting modules that operate independently. The modules jam frequency bands with different bandwidth. The modules are mounted on one common mechanical frame and they can be controlled either by their own control panel or by a remote control (by cable). The purpose of

Communication Jammers

Communication Jammer of Stratign offers a solution in areas where cell phone communications create disturbance either by loud incoming call rings or loud telephone conversations. These jammers also enable its user to block the communication in the secured area. These jammers are designed to jam VSAT Terminals also. It is

GPS Jammers

GPS Jammer is designed to jam the GPS navigational system by radiating interference signal. GPS Jammers radiates barrage radio-jamming and render the GPS services ineffective or introduce unacceptable error in their accuracies. GPS Jammer covers the GPS frequency range from 1100MHz to 1580MHz by using three different transmitter modules works

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