High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Planning & Execution of missions, staying aware of the situation, intercepting key areas of interest, etc. are some of the integral operations of Defense and Intelligence Organizations. Stratign comprehends the importance of these operations and thus, offers High Resolution Imaging Solutions that aids in the smooth flow of these operations. Under its High Resolution Imaging Solutions, Stratign offers high resolution Satellite Imagery On Demand, both Optical and SAR. Another service that we offer as a part of Imaging Solutions is Integrated Ground Earth Station, which enables our client to acquire and process High Definition Quality Images. Customized UAV platforms are also offered to the clients. It allows the client to capture day/night aerial photographs. These images could be used in the management of disaster and staying aware of the situation.

Ground Station for Direct Reception and Processing of Satellite Imaging

Till date, prominent scientific groups, military and commercial users, academic institutions, and private companies dealing in mining, oil, gas, etc. are wooed by satellite ground stations for remote sensing data attainment. These stations are also appealing to them because of their potential economic incentives that they could reap from the

On Demand SAR-Optical Image Acquisition

As a partner of leading satellite imagery providers, Stratign ensures that it offers the most advanced solutions of Geospatial Information to its clientele. The various satellites of Stratign offer the broadest multi-sensor portfolio to the clients regarding resolution, responsiveness and lastly, availability. It could task various Optical and SAR Satellites

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