Search and Rescue

Stratign’s cutting edge Search & Rescue solutions are designed with an aim to facilitate enhanced operations in realms of search and rescue. Our Search & Rescue solutions empower rescue teams to perform much efficiently even in the most challenging weather & terrain conditions. Stratign’s innovative search & rescue solutions come backed with absolute assurance of optimum robustness and highest degrees of reliability. Our solutions have been engineered keeping in mind the hardships search & rescue teams go through during their typical operations. Global rescue operations team rely on our solutions to successfully accomplish their mission. Besides these life-saving technology solutions, Stratign offers CDMA Interception systems, Drone jammers, Cyber defence solutions and more to global clients.

Mountain Search and Rescue STN-SAR

Quick response time, precision coordinates and extreme reliability are critical components for Search and Rescue Missions. With our expertise in GSM communication networks, Stratign has designed a comprehensive and customized solution STN-SAR for Mountain Search and Rescue operations even in the most remote terrain and demanding weather conditions. The System

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