Special Products

Stratign also has a broad array of special products on offer for global defence industry clients. Our special products comprise Crypt Analysis System, Voice Forensics System, Datacentre, Face Recognition System and OSINT or Open Source Intelligence. While Voice Forensics System and Face Recognition System solutions are aimed at enhancing the security aspect; OSINT serves as a crucial component in cyber intelligence with its data collection/correlation capability. The Crypt Analysis System, on the other hand aims at obtaining plain/understandable message from the intercepted cipher text.

Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit

Vehicle-based surveillance has progressively become a sought-after capability, whether for urban mission support or to facilitate with crowd control initiatives. Responsiveness to security risks while on the move is vital. As a result, vehicle-mounted intelligence gathering solutions for different environments needs to have resilience towards all sorts of locations and

Crypt Analysis System

Crypt Analysis is used to defeat cryptographic security systems and gain access to the contents of encrypted messages, even if the cryptographic key is unknown. The aim of Crypt Analysis is to obtain the plain message from the intercepted cipher text Stratign has been indigenously developing and implementing crypto algorithms,

Data Center

Stratign's Data Center helps Commanders and Senior Managers to have information from various sources to be available centrally at our Data Center and analyze them for better planning of operations. The data from the existing sensors like Iridium, Thuraya, Cell Phones, Satellite, etc. monitoring systems are transferred to our central

Voice Forensics System

Stratign's Voice Print Analysis (VPA) is a speech analysis system intended for use by any law enforcement and intelligence agency. VPA is capable of analyzing audio files for Speech/Non-speech detection, Language identification and Speaker identification. The Stratign's VPA concept is based on Client/server architecture and is language agnostic. Features :-

Face Recognition System

Facial Recognition involves use of biometric software application capable of uniquely identifying or verifying a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the persons facial contours. Facial recognition is mostly used for security purpose though there is an increasing interest in its other areas of use. It can be

OSINT (Open-Source INTelligence)

OSINT - Open-Source INTelligence – In simple words, Collection and correlation of Information/Data using some specific tools/techniques are referred to as open source intelligence. Example: Asking questions on any search engine or Researching on a topic on any public forums. Features :- Instant Result: OSINT solution could achieve targeted results in seconds thereby

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