Training and tech support offered by Stratign aids in the proper utilization of the technical assets. Our well-resourced facility combined with qualified trainers offer the most academic environment. The candidates are trained according to their capabilities and will to learn on areas of Information Warfare / Cyber Warfare, Network Security and Network Analysis Training(NAT) System STN-5120 NAT. The educational programs and training will acquaint the participants with current technical information along with hands-on exercises.

Network Security

NETWORK SECURITY PROFESSIONAL COURSE (5-day) Target Personnel: Network Server Administrators, System Administrators, Application Developers and IT Security Officers. Prerequisites: Computer System Foundation, Server Administration and Networking/ Network Administration knowledge.   Day One & Two – Module 1 : Network Security & Firewalls Network Security and Firewalls module are designed to teach participants

Information warfare / Cyber warfare

Information Warfare (IW) 5-day Course Information Warfare is the operation that targets or exploit information media in order to win some objectives over an adversary. It has become an important tool for collection of scientific, economic, infrastructure and defence related information from intended objects to be exploited during peace and

Network Analysis Training(NAT) System STN-5120 NAT

"Stratign has designed Test and Simulation Modules for various customers to meet their Operational Training Requirements. The system has been field-tested and can be customised for each specific requirement to meet your organisation related needs." Technology Introduction Stratign FZE provides cutting-edge Network Analysis Training and Softwares for various types of

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