UAV Radars/Drone Detection Radars

Radar Drone Detection

Radars are used, in addition to RF sensing, for detection of moving objects and thus detection of drones also require use of radars.  Drones are here to stay, so in future we might see a lot more drones unpretentiously flying for different reasons and we require technology that can handle and detect them. As a matter of fact, today drones are widespread, and they are rapidly improving and with that they are posing new threats.

It is due to these threats; a Drone Jammer or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) jammer was established. The drone jammer constructed for military utilization can block small to medium-sized drone in various methods.

When the drone detection system locates unauthorized UAVs, it becomes necessary to apply counter measures to neutralize the threat. Stratign provides various technical tools and instruments that permit neutralizing a drone by selectively obstructing the control signals.

While Drone detection radars/UAV radars, drone RF spectrum analyzers and UAV detection sensors are constructed to offer well-timed notices about approaching UAVs, the all-inclusive Anti-Drone system requires the utilization of added devices to eliminate high-end risks, caused by drones penetrating safeguarded perimeters.

What are drone detection radars & how do they work?

High-resolution UAV Radars are particularly designed for detecting drones and tracking them. These Drone Detection Radars constantly scan the sky looking for reflections and fluctuations to detect movement and size. Reflected signals can be matched to a database for drone characterization. Most UAV Radars send their radio signal as a burst, then listen for the ‘echo’. 

Consequently, stored signatures can also be utilized to eradicate objects that aren’t drone-like, similar to how radars are utilized to detect birds. This signal processing effectively improves performance of the detection and allows for lesser false positives.

The Drone Detection Radar can also provide real-time tracking by providing the GPS location of the drone detected. The GPS location is evaluated on the basis of the GPS location of radar sensor, the distance and angle at which object is identified from the radar sensor.

Stratign’s anti-drone jammer system

Largely, Stratign believes that an all-embracing Drone Jamming solution is one which is economical & tailormade. 

To secure the UAV threat, Stratign’s method is based on a 4-step workflow:

1. DETECT the potential threat with the finest possible probability of Drone Detection Radars and RF detection.
2. LOCATE the drone on a digitized map.
3. IDENTIFY the potential danger as a genuine threat with the least probable deceptive-alarm rate using the EO/IR Cam and focused proprietary     algorithms.
4. ACT on the intimidations by producing alarms or combatting the danger with a countermeasure via RF jammers.

Valuable Features of Stratign’s Drone Jammer:

  • The solution can Detect, Locate, Identify, Block UAVs navigation system and information links up to 1000 mt. The range can be extended up to 5 km based on the necessity of the customer.
  • An active solution with the capability of handling almost all the commercial drones.
  • An integrated RF sensor and jammer solution for instantaneous action on drone detection.
  • The ability of locating direction and spot of drone utilizing various RF sensors in tandem.
  • Manifold systems can be used to shield larger vulnerable regions close to public localities where civilian access is not a hassle.
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