Unauthorized Communications

Prison Unauthorized communications

We all thrive on communication. It’s simply inevitable. But when it comes to misusing communication, it’s referred to as unauthorized communications. This type of communication is forbidden in security-guided and sensitive areas like prison, courthouses, military premises and more. When it comes to unauthorized communications in prisons, it is referred to the communication by the prison mates or the visitors who are not allowed to possess any means of communication in the premises of the prison. Stratign has specially designed STN-PJ, a prison jammer that jams the unauthorized use of cellphones for communication.

Why is a prison jammer needed?

Mobile phones are one of the most smuggled items into prisons as inmates are forbidden from possessing and using mobile phones. They provide inmates the ability to make and receive unauthorized phone calls, send emails and text messages, use social media and follow news pertaining to their case, among other prohibited uses that are categorized as unauthorized communications. They can also use the cell phones to communicate with their handlers and share information which can have serious security ramifications to the prison or the nation. For this reason, prison jammers are important.

What does a prison jammer do?

Prison jammers is an intelligent device to detect and block unauthorized calls in prisons. Stratign’s prison jammer is ideal as it covers all the communication bands in the area of use. Stratign has the ability to customize the frequency bands, power output, etc. based on the requirements of the customer or the country.

What makes Stratign’s STN-PJ special?

Stratign’s prison jammer is specially developed for prisons and other large, delicate premises, for example, military and governmental compounds. STN-PJ is built into special metal enclosure and features an efficient ‘smart active’ air filter cooling system that allows the system to operate constantly for 365 days/24 hours/7 days even under hot weather. Its secure design safeguards the system, ensuring continuous system operation without any hinderances from the prison inmates/unauthorized prison personnel.

What are the exclusive features of Stratign’s Prison Jammer?

Unauthorized communications need a jammer that is able to block all kinds of signals and network connectivity. Stratign’s exclusive product is able to jam 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G phones. This system, as mentioned above, can work for 365 days, day-in and day-out. However, you get an option to turn it off and set automatic operation cycles. If you thought controlling it from one terminal would not be possible with STN-PJ, then multiple systems can be deployed and integrated over TCP/IP local area network and can be centrally controlled from one terminal. The equipment supports local or remote-control monitoring.

Some of the other features include:

  • The system uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology to give more effective jamming performance.
  • Our unit can jam multiple frequencies at the same time. The number of bands can be configured based on the customer requirement.
  • The system is specially designed for outdoor usage (waterproof and dustproof).
  • Heat sink design coupled with the active fans make the system suitable for continuous operation, even in hot climatic conditions, with no time limit.
  • Our system is equipped with circuit protection that will ascertain that the system is safe in case of short circuit.
  • Directional or omni-directional antennas are provided as options to ensure more flexibility regarding jamming coverage.
  • The system can be accessed only by authorized personnel through secure login. System allows users to take log report, inventory report, map setting, etc.
  • Remote networking with the internet access allows system to be monitored in real-time.
  • User-friendly operator interface. Output power, voltage, amperage, temperature, VSWR and door open/close status can be remotely monitored in a real-time.
  • Inbuilt e-mail and alarming system to notify the administrator in case something goes wrong with the equipment.

What are the main areas of application to block unauthorized communications?

  • Mainly in prisons and also in various other premises such as military and government entities.
  • Oil and gas storage facilities and fields.
  • Security services, military units, and secret services.
  • Museums, border patrol and drug enforcement, and customs, etc.

Unauthorized communications pose a threat to something unknown and should be restricted. Hence, use of prison jammers is very essential inside prisons and around other important areas.

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