Vehicle Based Surveillance

Vehicle Based Surveillance

In this technology-driven world, innovation has raised the bar in the security systems’ industry. More and modern ways to research profiles, intercept data and gather information has paved the way for a secure environment. At the same time, we must remember that with opportunities, threats arrive uninvited. Whether for a convoy or for an urban support, it’s always beneficial to be ready, as the unforeseen cannot be avoided, but one can certainly be prepared to combat the same. This is where Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit from Stratign comes into the picture. This Vehicle Based Surveillance system takes complete charge while you’re on the move.

The most special feature about Stratign’s Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit is that it integrates multiple intelligence collection and analysis system into a vehicle mounted tactical intelligence unit without any hassle. It is Vehicle Based Surveillance, designed to heighten the security quotient and empower the vehicle to obtain an extensive video footage, audio, open-source intelligence data, and more for a secure management and mitigation of risks. The system can combine all these data, allowing the user to access a valuable pool of information.

What are the major components of the Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit?

As mentioned above, Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit is a powerhouse for someone looking for a 360 degree of security solution and analysis system. Stratign’s Vehicle Based Surveillance comprises of many facets, each with a set of benefits to offer:

  • Vehicle Mounted Cameras
  • Facial Recognition System
  • 2G, 3G, 4G (Optional 5G) IMSI catcher/interception system
  • Voice Recognition and Analysis System
  • Open-Source Intelligence Collection System
  • Link Analysis Module
  • Location and DF on Digital Map
  • Integration with government databases like Criminal Database, Passport or National ID Database, etc.

What makes Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit, unique?

Stratign’s Vehicle Based Surveillance may sound like a simple surveillance unit, but it does have layers of technology that makes it special and customized. It can perform multiple function, all credit to the makers of this one-of-a-kind technology – Stratign. Below are some of the more prominent features of the Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit.

  • Cellphone Interception
  • Language Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Gender Detection
  • Speaker Analysis
  • Age Detection
  • Target Detection
  • Data Filtering/Link Analysis
  • Data Export and Report
  • Map Operation on Intercepted Data
  • Geo-fencing operation for target area
  • Facial Recognition

What does Stratign’s Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit do?

Cellphone Interception & Selective Jamming: The state-of-the-art cellphone interception unit allows interception of all cellphones in the area. This interception unit has the capability of selectively blocking communications of selected subscribers.

Audio Analysis: The intercepted voice files of the cellphone traffic in that area can be run through the Voice Print Analysis tool (VPA). This enables speaker identification and key word spotting and enhances the threat evaluation capability of the security agencies.

Video Analysis: Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit vehicles can be employed to collect, combine, and process multimedia streams generated from cameras that are mounted on the vehicles, providing 360-degree view around the vehicle. The footage acquired can further be scrutinized using the facial recognition system to identify people captured in the video stream. All the identified faces are tagged and stored in a database with location and time stamp. These faces can then be linked to a central database that comprises facial profile of known offenders to establish their presence in an area.

OSINT Analysis: The intercepted numbers can then be utilized to gain further information about the individual by running an OSINT search.

Link Analysis: The call hierarchy can be established using the link analysis tool which will help in analyzing the call patterns and identifying the leaders.

This Vehicle Based Surveillance system ensures enhanced scalability and flexibility when compared to static setups, providing higher predictability against video surveillance with handheld devices.

How convenient is the user interface of Stratign’s Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit?

User interface is every application’s core and if that’s easy to navigate, you’ve won half the battle. Stratign’s Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit’s application is designed to be more efficient and completely user-friendly. However technical the details it includes, but it’s functioning is just as easy to comprehend and operate. The application focuses on swift and efficient accessibility of the information. Special attention has been given to ascertain that reliable and easy access of information is available from the intercepted database.

Moreover, the system displays a page that shows the analyzed data in the form of a chart/diagram. The operator can easily get an idea of the target, about his/her previous contacted persons or numbers. The associated identifiers like IMEI, IMSI, Phone numbers and others are also available on the link analysis page.

Stratign’s Multi Role Tactical Investigation Unit is a one-stop security solution for it’s able to perform multiple tasks with precision and ensures optimum results.

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