Communication Surveillance,Strategic Defence Electronic Warfare for Defence Military
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ISR,Strategic Defence Electronic Solutions,Electronic Warfare
ISAT and Satellite Interception- Jamming System

High Speed TSCM Scanner

High Speed TSCM Scanner is designed for Panoramic (Spectrum) Analysis, Radio Signal Technical Analysis, Detection, Measurement, Identification and Direction Finding

UAV Quadcopter

UAV Quadcopter is a small quadrotor helicopter or quadcopter UAV that can quietly hover in place and point its powerful camera to people/objects on the ground.

Satellite Monitoring System

Satellite Monitoring System is an Automated Satellite communication traffic reception, demodulation and decoding system.
ISAT and Satellite Interception System DSA Malaysia 2014

DSA 2014, Malaysia

Stratign FZE successfully participated at the DSA 2014, the 14th Defense Service Asia Exhibition and Conference. The exhibition was held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from 14th to 17th April 2014.
Article on Thuraya monitoring System

Thuraya Monitoring System

Thuraya Satellite Communications uses GEO satellites and provides blanket coverage to more than 99 countries spanning...
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