Stratign’s Satellite Jammers allow jamming of satellite signals in the Downlink or Uplink bands disabling communications in the L, C, X, Ka and Ku bands.

Most communication satellites are placed in geostationary orbit (GEO). This is a circular orbit in Earth’s equatorial plane. The orbit is located approximately 22,300 miles above the equator and from Earth these satellites appear to be located at a stationary point in the sky. This enables the Earth station antennas to be simplified since they are pointed in a fixed direction and do not have to track a moving object.
The satellite phone communications are based on C-band for the link to earth station/gateway stations and L-band for the link to the satellite phone handsets. The most desired frequency band for satellite communication systems is 6 GHz on the uplink (Earth to satellite transmission) and 4 GHz on the downlink (satellite to Earth transmission) which is the C-band. Newer satellites operate Ku-band which use 14 GHz on the uplink and 12 GHz on the downlink with orbital spacing of 2 degrees. Ku-band provides greater band width for satellite transmission and has smaller footprint on the Earth which enables greater frequency re-use. Ku-band has grown more popular for use by VSAT networks and Satellite TV DTH operators due to reduced size of antennas and lower cost of subscriber equipment. Although the Ku-band suffers from greater losses due to rain attenuation but recent developments of higher power output of satellites in this band has given greater possibilities for usage of this band. Certain satellites make use of X-band or Ka band for their communication.
Jamming the satellite phones or the satellite trunks in a particular region are achieved by jamming the downlink signals in the L, C, X, Ku and Ka bands. The Stratign downlink jammers are effective for approximately 20 kms range. However, there may be a need to jam the uplink signals on any particular channel to render the communication on those channels ineffective thereby taking down a complete network. Stratign uplink jammers are designed to target at least 2 channels on each band simultaneously.

System Features

Uplink Jammer
Handles ECCM
Block the uplink signal of DTH and (L, C, X, Ku, Ka) bands terminals/hubs even if ECCM techniques are applied.
Different Polarization and Frequencies
Block more than one channel simultaneously with different polarization and Frequencies in the target of interest.
Multi Channel
Block more than one channel in adjacent targets simultaneously.
Auto Pointing
Auto pointing to any target position.
Signal Blocking
Different signal blocking techniques.
Controllable Output Power
Manually control output power.
Static or Mobile Operation
The uplink jammer system can be designed to be either static or mobile.
Downlink Jammer
Jamming Distance
The jamming distance is not less than 20 km on ground segment.
Blocks GMPCS Signals
Block GMPCS signals in L Band
Handles ECCM
Block the downlink signal of DTH and (C, X, Ku, Ka) bands terminals even if the terminal of interest is using any ECCM technique.
3D Digital Map
Each downlink jamming station can be displayed on 3D digital map along with the area that can be blocked effectively.
Static or Mobile Operation
The uplink jammer system can be designed to be either static or mobile.

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