Voice Forensic System (VFS) is an AI based speech analysis tool for use by law enforcement or intelligence agencies to identify language, speaker, etc.

All the voice interception systems give a voice file of the conversations between the people who were communicating with each other. Imagine if you are capable of matching these voice files with voice samples of your suspects which are stored in the voice repository of Intelligence Agencies. Such a capability will enable the LEAs and Intelligence Agencies an upper hand in crime investigations.
Stratign’s Voice Forensic System (VFS) is a speech analysis system intended for use in a law enforcement and intelligence agency.
VFS is capable of analysing audio files for Speech/Non-speech detection, Language identification and Speaker identification. The Stratign’s VFS concept is based on a client/server architecture.
f-Voice FS

System Features

Speaker Identification
Speaker Identification in signal under analysis from known database of speaker voice samples.
Language Identification
Multiple language identification from a known database of languages.
Keyword Spotting
Keyword spotting in audio file or in comments entered by the operator.
Gender Detection
Based on the analysis of the voice parameters the tool can identify the gender of the speaker
Emotion Detection
System is capable of detecting the Emotion of the speaker.
Age Detection
Based on the tonal quality, can approximate the age of the speaker.
Client-Server Architecture
Based on a client/server architecture with use of standard hardware.
Multi-user parallel processing supported.

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