About Us

We are committed to provide competent and innovative technologies to defense, intelligence organizations, national security agencies and law enforcement government agencies. Our offerings are customized to cater to their needs and requirements.

About stratign

Stratign FZE holds an apex position around the globe in Communication Interception, Signal Processing Systems, Communication Jamming and Communication Security Systems. Our offerings are customized to cater to the needs and requirements of intelligence organizations, national security agencies and military intelligence establishments.

Our products include GSM / CDMA Interception System, C & Ku Band Satellite Trunk Interception Systems, THURAYA / IRIDIUM and INMARSAT Interception System, Radio Communication Jammers, RCIED Jammers, Manpack / Portable and Vehicular Jammers, GPS Jammers, VSAT Jammers, Satellite Imaging Solutions, etc.

Continuous endeavor in the field of R&D with committed and highly skilled manpower, providing precise solutions for the hurdles faced by the customers, has made Stratign a well-known entity within a short span of time. Our innovative and field-proven technologies in Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and Communication Jamming & Communication Security have succoured government organization battle against organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorist activities, etc.

Why Stratign?

Today, the entire world is battling with terrorism, drug trafficking, and elements that could cease the peace and lead to the loss of lives and properties. Eradicating these mischief-makers has become a pinnacle priority for the governments across the globe. Therefore, Stratign with its innovative approach and practical designs, aims to help the government and associated bodies in abolishing the possible threats to peace.

The terrorist groups, criminals and other troublemakers use advanced and secure communication technique to plan their treacherous strategy. It is required on the part of the government to be one step ahead of these organisations regarding communication intelligence to track these malicious activities.

Stratign fathoms the above mentioned dilemma and thus, offers communication intelligence service to the government of various countries that ensures that the disturbing activity could be busted before its execution.

On receipt of a communication intelligence request from a government or government body, our experts analyse the needs and requirements of it. The training and tech support offered by Stratign aids in proper utilisation of the asset.

Stratign’s cutting edge technologies are integrated into various products through the years have given comparative advantage to it in the competitive international communication intelligence services market. Professional commitment, client focus, creativity & Innovation, excellent performance, integrity, teamwork, and to strictly stand by its commitments are Stratign’s values that are near to our heart.

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